Ford Hall Forum Membership

Why You Give

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A membership card to the Ford Hall Forum is your share of this century-old Bostonian institution, proof-positive that you support free speech, civilized debate, and autodidacticism as pillars of American democracy in the 21st century.

The Ford Hall Forum prides itself on offering programs to the general public for free so that everyone can enjoy dynamic exchanges with the experts on current affairs. Your contribution as a member helps us cover expenses so that we don’t have to charge a fee for each program. Members keep free speech free at the Ford Hall Forum!

If you went to a forum and had a good time, then join our select group of members. It’s a great way to show the Ford Hall Forum that you like what we do and want us to continue providing this edifying experience to all.

What You Get

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When you become a member of the Ford Hall Forum, you receive these excellent benefits:

  • Individual ($40) OR Family/Dual ($60): Priority seating at every forum. This is especially useful for the most popular programs. You’ll come in the “Members Only” door and get the best seats in the house!
  • Century Club ($100): Free DVDs and CDs of past forums, at your request. Catch up on forums that you missed, get a keepsake of the forum where you asked a brilliant question, or give them as unique gifts to smart friends.
  • Scholar’s Circle ($250): Opportunities to receive gift certificates, books, and other items at every forum’s “Scholar’s Draw.” Check the sign at the information desk as you come in for the forum to see if you’ve won!
  • Speaker’s Circle ($500): Free, signed books from Forum speakers at their program. Just ask the Forum staff in advance and we’ll get it for you.
  • President’s Circle ($1,000+): Special invitations to private receptions. It’s a great opportunity to meet people like our First Amendment Award winners one-on-one.

And don’t forget: the benefits are cumulative. That means that you’re entitled to all of the benefits from your level on down.

How to Give

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Becoming a member of the Ford Hall Forum is easy! Simply pick up a membership envelope at the next forum, take 60 seconds fill it out, enclose a check to “Ford Hall Forum,” and drop it in a mail box with a stamp on it.

If you’d rather sign up via credit card, just click here. Please select “FORD HALL FORUM” in the drop down menu under “Restricted Funds.” This restricted fund at Suffolk University ensures that your money goes only to Ford Hall Forum.

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