FLASH FORUM: Who Am I to Judge?

James Carroll
(Author, former priest, and Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence, Suffolk University)

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James Carroll

James Carroll

Who Am I to Judge?

Author, former priest, and Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence James Carroll explores the first 400 days of Pope Francis’s tenure. Mere days after the Pope names 19 new cardinals, Carroll leads a highly-interactive discussion on his radical rule that isn’t afraid to criticize the Church. Drawing on his December article in The New Yorker, our expert speaker sheds light on how the Pope’s style of “collegiality” came to be. From his commitment to serving the poor to his markedly conservative service in Argentina, this fascinating religious figure prompts myriad questions to which Carroll has the answers.

Click here to read James Carroll’s fascinating New Yorker article on “a radical Pope’s first year.”

Tuesday, February 25, 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
C. Walsh Theatre, Suffolk University

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You might join up with others to…

  • Form a book club around James Carroll’s books
  • Organize around alleviating poverty per Pope Francis’s model
  • Start an international Pope Francis Fan Club
  • Start an organization to encourage/discourage female leadership in the Church
  • Create a Jewish/Catholic alliance in Boston
  • Lead an investigation (formal or otherwise) into Pope Francis’s involvement in The Dirty War
  • Start a movement to demand an apology from Pope Francis to abuse victims in Argentina

Below, you can join a conversation thread on James Carroll, the Pope, the Church, etc. Here are some relevant institutions and experts that you might want to connect with:

James Carroll’s website Pope Francis’s Official Twitter page
Catholics for Choice Thomas G. Plante, expert on the Church’s abuse scandal

Catholics Confront Global Poverty

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