Last Night at the Forum

“I think the Ford Hall Forum is a charity worth supporting.” -Yaron Brook

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2 Responses to “Last Night at the Forum”
  1. Karl Sharicz says:

    As a FHF member, I’ve been to many forums, but I felt rather unfulfilled with last evening’s discussion on the Politics of Handsome. While the program itself could have benefitted by having at least one male on the panel, the most annoying part is when people like up for the Q&A afterward. Someone really needs to moderate that part a lot better. The same people tend to show up and use the forum to spew their personal political venom. This is a thought-provking session followed by a Q&A session and not one of the first three people that lined up last night asked an actual question. Instead, they used the opportunity to spread their negative vibe and basically tarnish an otherwise inspiring forum. My wife and I got up and left in disgust. Can someone moderating in a future forum please set the guidelines and expectations up front and invite the audience to perhaps yell and or boo anyone who doesn’t follow those guidelines? I’m seriously considering not going to amny future forum until that issue gets sorted out. What a shame.

  2. Jennifer Bonardi says:

    Karl, this is Jennifer, the director of the Forum. I wish you hadn’t left, as it seems you missed the audience booing and yelling, “Ask a question!”

    Ford Hall Forum honors the First Amendment and, as such, we take pride in allowing the public to ask questions without our censorship. The moderators have the power to instruct the person at the microphone to ask a question and to ask him/her to move on once s/he does so, so that others can ask their questions.

    I felt that the moderator (and the audience) handled the situation well, and I am sincerely sorry if that was not your experience. I do hope you and Carol keep coming to the forums and exercise your own right to free speech by asking questions and serving as a model for others.

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