Last Night at the Forum

“Am I getting the sense that you do not like my father?” -Gilad Sharon

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5 Responses to “Last Night at the Forum”
  1. Lenore Gittis says:

    I just watched this forum on C-Span’s Book TV. I do not understand a comment made by the woman at lectern who opened and closed this program. In closing she thanked those who had the “courage” to express their opinions (meaning in their questions/comments.) This statement clearly implied an opinion on this woman’s part when I believe she was simply supposed to open/close with courtesy to all. Why did it take “courage” from audience members to express their thoughts through their questions? We are a free society with First Amendment Rights, and the Forum is part of that society. There were no guns pointed at the participants and they seemed generally in agreement. She did not apply that word to the author who was the person taking an onslaught (his responsibility as speaker) of anger and much which he termed opinions based on inaccurate information. Whoever was right in their opinions, it strikes me the courage was his while under intense criticism (and the moderator’s who kept the program going well despite outbreaks of shouting.) I have participated in numerous forums as an attorney for children. I learned there is a world between courtesy and implications.

  2. Bernice Perry says:

    Hello, Ford Hall Forum is an important forum for supposedly, as Edmund Burke might say: “Good will prevails IF good men and women sit down and REASON TOGETHER. Usually, I find that Ford Forum ALLOWS that philosophy to prevail. So it was this open-mindedness that we decided to watch “C-Span Booknotes” , Ch. 247 Boston on Sat. Nov 5, 2011. But it became apparent on the very opening to closing of the Question & Answer Period that REASONING TOGETHER, FAIRNESS, RESPECT, was NOT to be. Never saw or heard the name of the Female Moderator, but she ALLOWED a very-one sided tirade of Muslin-Arab-Palestinian, et al to DOMINATE this period with ONE-SIDED MEAN-SPIRITED QUESTIONERS and APPLAUSE, who literally were ATTACKING GILAD SHARON, ISRAEL, & JEWS. SHAME ON FORD HALL, THE MODERATOR, and those ILLEGITIMATE ATTENDEES who were obviously there to NOT REASON TOGETHER, FAIRNESS, RESPECT for Gilan or for America!!

    Above, “Last Night at the Forum”: Gilad Sharon asked: “Am I getting the sense that you do not like my father?” That question went beyond his statement; it went to my point that Ford Forum in innocence allowed an inappropriate use of this Precious Ford Forum to be controlled by irrational haters of America, Israel, and the Western World. “We are all in this troubled world together, and Ford Forum should be more vigilant about Vigilantees to Misuse this needed precious Ford Forum.

    Perhaps in such a potentially volatile situation, questions should be submitted in writing and sort out and/or combine the same INFLAMMATORY DISRESPECTUL ATTENDEES’ REPETITIVE ATTACK ON A SPEAKER, so that OTHER ATTENDEES WITH OPPOSITE SERIOUS INTELLECTUAL QUESTIONS can BE ALLOWED to TRY to have a EQUAL CHANCE to REASON TOGETHER.

    I was even apprehensive for Gilad Sharon’s safety, who came in Good Faith, and found that people of Other Faiths were mostly there to attack his father, his country, and perhaps even himself.

    I call on Ford Forum to be more careful for future lecturers who look to you for reasoned discussion and debate; thereby contribution to Being Part of the Solution–rather than part of the problem–of complex human issues. Thank you, BP

  3. C Bailey says:

    I watched the recent interview with Gilad Sharon. I was appalled at the ignorance displayed by those who verbally attacked Mr. Sharon and the state of Israel.

    The lack of understanding of the TRUE facts supported by the independent historical record shows the true intent of those speaking.

    The Palestinians have never really wanted a two state solution. Their charter and their official policy is the removal of all Jews from the area by force if necessary.

    I detect an undercurrent within the College itself that is anti Jewish. I would suggest you look into who on campus is filling the students minds with such blatant antisemitism.

  4. admin says:

    Hello, Lenore — I’m Jennifer Bonardi, the Executive Director of the Ford Hall Forum and the person at the lectern who opens and closes the programs. I want to correct a misunderstanding that I believe occurred because people were loudly clapping and talking over my closing comments: I specifically and intentionally thanked *everyone* there in the room who had the courage to speak, ***including the speaker***. I absolutely applied that to the author as much as the others because, as you noted, it certainly took courage for him as well. I was not putting forth an opinion on the forum. In these programs, I represent the Ford Hall Forum which is non-partisan and objective.

  5. Kate Robertson says:

    I have never felt so sorry for a speaker in my life! This is the FIRST time I’ve watched your program, and I wonder if this is the way all of your programs are conducted? Mr. Gilad Sharon appeared to be a genuinely kind man, who wanted to discuss his father, and the love he had for him. I felt the lady asking the questions had an obvious bias — she seemed to have the attitude that the whole deal was a waste of time, and she was trying to hurry it along. To tell you the truth, I only continued watching it (before questions were taken) because I didn’t understand this woman’s ‘attitude’ towards her kind guest — just didn’t make sense! Then came the questions …the audience was very disrespective to Mr. Sharon. He genuniely appeared to be a kind person that wanted to tell the story of his father, from his perspective, but instead was treated very disrespectfully. The audience vented – and spewed their ‘hatred’ because they knew they were in a ‘safe’ room with fellow haters of Israel. If they truly want peace, maybe they could have acted more civil to Mr. Sharon. I was embarrassed that Americans treated him as they did. If Mr. Sharon were to ever read this blog, I would like to say, I am one that supports you, and I would love to read your book. The way you handled the ‘angry mob’ shows your true character. Thank you for visiting us!

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