Last Night at the Forum…

…was pretty intense.

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2 Responses to “Last Night at the Forum…”
  1. Marc Cantor says:

    Last night was particularly disappointing. I have never been a supporter of Ariel Sharon, , or his policies, but I recognize his influence in Israeli policy and history. I would have liked to hear more about what shaped his views, and how his son experienced the events in which Sharon was a player. Instead, the evening was hijacked by a group of relatively ill-informed and self-congratulatory young people, intent on disrupting the proceedings and asserting an agenda which was an anathema to a real conversation about Sharon and the nature of his policies. In her efforts to permit all to speak, the interviewer lost the path to our getting a better understanding of her guest. This was not a group willing to learn, instead its purpose seemed only to disrupt.
    It is ironic that the Forum would openly welcome a guest who was a supporter of theirs, while they would refuse to permit one with an opposing point of view to be heard and understood.

  2. Jean Terry says:

    I am appalled at the lack of respect show to Mr. Sharon. Also, I am appalled at the ignorance of the people asking questions and their bias toward Israel. They prefer to think that Palestinians are victims of Israel rather than victims of their own leadership and blindness.

    Israel is the victim here, but to their great credit, they refuse to be victims.

    I am ashamed of the people who were asking questions who were so judgemental about Israel and so unaware of the real truth.

    Israel is supposed to give more than any other country in the world would be expected to give. If any other country was surrounded by the enemy on all borders and being lobbed daily by missiles would they be expected to bend over backwards and do nothing? What about giving up 2,000 prisoners in return for one as Israel recently did. Would anyone else do that?

    This seems to be a perfect example of colleges in America today and it is a sad commentary on our society.

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