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Watch C-SPAN’s video on the FHF’s “Life of a Leader” forum with Gilad Sharon. When you’re done, throw your two cents in to the conversation here or here.

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One Response to “Join the conversation on Sharon”
  1. Sharon Rappaport says:

    I just watched this on CSPAN. How frustrating it was to have to sit through all of the usual hate tirades against Israel. That’s not a forum; it’s a recycling of anti-Israel propaganda that seems to overtake every pro-Israel guest lecturer on every university campus be it an author or the Ambassador himself. The hostess should have limited the mike to questions from the audience and not allowed their ignorant and hate filled speeches. Why have a guest speaker if he just has to sit there for most of his time and listen to biased comments with an agenda to wipe his people of the face of the map? Why not just have an open mike hate Israel fest with no interruption?

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