Apr. 19 Joe Mathieu, Matt Viser, and Evan Engel with Deborah Geisler Alternative Facts and Fake News
Mar. 9 Mayor Joseph Curtatone and Dina Haynes with Christina Kulich-Vamvakas Sanctuary Cities
Mar. 6 Andrea Joyce, Brooke Dickens, Katie King Crowley, and Princell Hair with Trenni Kusnierek TOMBOY


Nov. 14 Jonathan Haughton and Yaron Brook with Jim Stergios Is Equality Fair?
Oct. 20 Thabiti Brown, Harneen Chernow, Shane Dunn, and Tito Jackson with Mike Deehan (video at YouTube) Questions on Question 2: Charter Schools
Sept. 29 Jenn Ableson, Beth Daley, and Joan Vennochi with Eileen McNamara (video at YouTube) Focused: Women in Investigative Journalism
June 1 FLASH FORUM: Congressman Joe Kennedy III with Joe Mathieu (video at YouTube) A Clean Bill of Mental Health
Apr. 7 Nadeem Mazen, Mona Haydar, Sebastian Robins, and Sister Barbara Sahli, with Rev. Amy Fisher (video at YouTube) Modern Muslims in a Modern World


Dec. 9 Dr. Salman Zarka FLASH FORUM: Extending a Hand: The Humanitarian Treatment of Syrian Casualties in Israel
Nov. 19 Ambassador Lamberto Zannier FLASH FORUM: Building Bridges: Strengthening European and Transatlantic Security
Nov. 5 Sarah Anzia, Zoltan Hajnal, Erin O’Brien, and Elena Letona with María González Albuixech (video at YouTube) Low Turnout in Municipal Elections:
Implications for Democracy, Citizens of Color, and Low Income Individuals
Oct. 29 Ely Kahn and Ryan Maness (video at YouTube) Balancing Cyber Security and Privacy in the Digital Age
Oct. 22 Emily Jendzejec, Christopher Raiche, and Chris Stedman with Rev. Amy Fisher (video at YouTube) Too Liberal for Religion
Oct. 13 Cory Doctorow, Rebecca Curtin, Benjamin Ngugi, and Leonid Reyzin (video at YouTube) The Remote-Controlled Society
May 14 Phyllis Karas, Larry Kirshbaum, Joan Lukey, Larry Moulter, Dorothy Terrell, Ross Terrill, and Michael Treacy with Francine Achbar (video at YouTube) Bringing Out the Best
Apr. 23 Steve Regan, Steve DelBianco, and Wendy O’Neil with Hiawatha Bray (video at YouTube) A Bumpy Ride
Apr. 16 Arthur Chu, Jason Tuohey, and Sarah Sobieraj with Adam Gaffin Vicious Anonymity
Apr. 8 Carl Sciortino, Dr. Nahid Bhadelia, George J. Annas, with Jean McGuire (video at YouTube) Virus
Apr. 2 Alan Solomont, Jim Stergios, and David Paleologos with Rachael Cobb (video at YouTube) Good Enough for Government Work
Jan. 21 Flemming Rose, Onkar Ghate, Harvey Silverglate, and Jeff Jacoby with Gregory Salmieri FLASH FORUM: Freedom of Speech or Tyranny of Silence?


Dec. 4 Kristin Beck with Elif Armbruster (video at YouTube) FLASH FORUM: Warrior Princess
Nov. 20 Dick Lehr with Robert Bellinger (video at YouTube) The Birth of a Nation
Nov. 6 Azhar Majeed and Jeremy Waldron with Hiawatha Bray (video at YouTube) Free to Hate
Nov. 3 Eve Ensler with Joyce Kulhawik (video at YouTube) O.P.C. (Obsessive Political Correctness)
Oct. 23 Scott Harshbarger, Frank Callahan, Michael Mathis, and Bill Walczak with Fr. Richard McGowan (video at YouTube) Place Your Bets
Oct. 9 Eric Steenstra, Cara Crabb-Burnham, and Michael Head with Don Tye (video at YouTube) Going to Pot
Oct. 2 Jay Smooth, Spectra Speaks, and Andrew Ti with Callie Crossley (video at YouTube) The Revolution Will Be Online
Feb. 25 James Carroll Who Am I to Judge?


Nov. 7 Alan Dershowitz with Harvey Silverglate (video at YouTube) Taking the Stand
Oct. 24 Mahboubeh Abbasgholizadeh and Alemayehu Weldemariam with Nir Eisikovits (video at YouTube) Scholars Rescue
Oct. 10 Hedrick Smith and Yaron Brook with Rachael Cobb (video at YouTube) Money and Power: A Debate
Sept. 26 Mary Anne Marsh, Joan Vennochi, John Nucci, and Lawrence DiCara with Mary Jo Meisner (video at YouTube) Down to the Wire: The Menino Legacy
May 30 Nicco Mele and Kevin Bankston with Dharmishta Rood (video at YouTube) Rise of the Individual
May 23 Anchee Min with Elif Armbruster (video at YouTube) The Chinese-American Dream
May 22 Garrett Quinn, Adam Gaffin and Cheryl Fiandaca with Skip Perham (video at YouTube) FLASH FORUM: Social Media in the Boston Marathon Bombings
May 16 Elizabeth F. Thompson and Leila Farsakh with Robert Laffey (video at YouTube) Hope Arab Springs Eternal
May 9 Melissa Hohr, Margot Mifflin, and Bill Downing with Robin Abrahams (video at YouTube) Hell in a Handbasket: The Decline of Taboos
Apr. 26 Barney Frank with Peter Meade (video at YouTube) The 2013 Louis P. and Evelyn Smith First Amendment Award
Apr. 18 Guy Maytal, M.D. and Marcia Angell, M.D. with Jack Wrobel (video at YouTube) Whose Choice is Death?
Mar. 21 John Rosenthal and Charlton Mcllwain with Edward Powell (video at YouTube) Guns Don’t Kill People, The Media Kills People


Nov. 1 Nitin Nohria and Tom Peters with Donna Carpenter (video at YouTube) Business Ethics and Other Oxymorons
Oct. 30 Joseph Fewsmith with Ronald Suleski FLASH FORUM: Big Trouble in Communist China
Oct. 25 Paula Lyons, Joyce Kulhawik, Lauren Beckham Falcone, and Jan Saragoni with Margery Eagan (video at YouTube) The Politics of Handsome
Oct. 13 Yaron Brook and Deborah Kincade Rambo, LICSW, with Jeff Jacoby (video at YouTube) Reaping Is a Virtue
Oct. 4 Maggie Anderson and Thomas Shapiro with Candelaria Silva (video at YouTube) Black Economy, White Privilege
Sept. 27 Taylor Twellman and Christopher Nowinski with Bob Lobel (video at YouTube) Gray Matters: Brain Injury in Sports
Sept. 13 Charles Laquidara, Billy Costa, Julie Kramer, and Henry Santoro with John Laurenti (video at YouTube) Radio Silence
May 10 John Linehan, Paul Tormey, and Saul Wisnia with Peter Meade (video on YouTube) Beantown Centennials
May 3 Barney Frank with Callie Crossley (video on YouTube) Dysfunctional Democracy
Apr. 26 Lou Jones, Nick Dynan, and Nichole Sobecki with Helen Rees (video on YouTube) Worth a Thousand Words
Apr. 19 Lee Carl Bromberg and Dr. Robert Klitzman with Dominick Ianno (video on YouTube) Brand-Name Genes
Apr. 12 Rev. Dr. William Schulz and Dr. John Cerone with Jasmine Waddell (video on YouTube) The State of Human Rights
Mar. 27 James Downey with Bill Murray Strategery: SNL’s Remarkable Influence Over Politics Through Satire (2012 Louis P. and Evelyn Smith First Amendment Award)


Nov. 10 Dr. John C. Green, Dr. Karl Giberson, and Dr. Randall Stephens with Eric Convey (video on YouTube) Evangelicals in the Electorate
Oct. 27 Gilad Sharon with Wendy Ballinger (video on YouTube) The Life of a Leader
Oct. 13 Carmen Ortiz, David M. Kennedy, and Rev. Dr. Emmet Price with Erika Gebo (video on YouTube) The New Boston Miracle
Sept. 29 Dr. Yaron Brook and Dr. David Callahan with Dominick Ianno From the Government and Here to Help
Sept. 22 Stacy Palmer, Len Schlesinger, and Jim Koch with George Donnelly (video on YouTube) Cutting-Edge Corporate Giving
Sept. 15 Harper Barnes, Jan Freeman, Laura Shapiro, Paul Solman, and Mark Zanger with Monica Collins (video on YouTube) The Real Paper: Journalism Then and Now
May 19 Vincent A. “Buddy” Cianci with Dominick Ianno Politics and Pasta
Apr. 28 Rodney North and Dr. David Tuerck with Jeff Jacoby (video on YouTube) Trade-Offs: Can Free Be Fair?
Apr. 21 Anthony Lewis with Floyd Abrams The 2011 Louis P. and Evelyn Smith First Amendment Award
Apr. 14 John Seager and Dr. Michael Fossel Never Say Die: Immortality vs. Overpopulation
Apr. 8 Ashley Judd with Candelaria Silva (video on YouTube) Bittersweet Humanitarianism
Apr. 7 Dr. Rachel Kleinfeld, Carl Ferenbach, and Harold Noughton with Jack Wrobel (video on YouTube) The Weather at War
Mar. 31 Ronald Bernard and Angela Bruce-Raeburn with William Dorcena (video on YouTube) Haiti and Aid Effectiveness
Mar. 24 Herbert Snorrason with Wendy Ballinger (video on YouTube) WikiLeaks, OpenLeaks, and Our Right to Know


Nov. 8 Lou Gossett, Jr. with Phyllis Karas An Actor and a Gentleman
Nov. 4 Dr. Maria Idali Torres, Dr. Paul Watanabe, and Marvin Venay with Rep. Linda Dorcena Forry (video at WGBH) Election 2010 and Communities of Color
Oct. 7 Dr. Dong-Chul Seo, Dr. Marlene Schwartz, Karen Voci, and Dr. Frank Robinson with Dr. Christina Economos (video at WGBH) Who Is Winning the Childhood Obesity Battle?
Sept. 30 Kevin Cranston, Dazon Dixon Diallo, Julie Davids, and Guillermo Chacon with Rebecca Haag (video at WGBH) AIDS, Social Justice, and the Politics of Transformation
Sept. 16 Dr. Nick Trout, John Ensminger, and Dr. Joann Lindenmayer with Monica Collins (video at WGBH) Extreme Dog: What Right Do Our Pets Have to Be Saved?
June 3 Robert Kuttner with Wendy Ballinger (video at WGBH) A Presidency in Peril
May 20 Yaron Brook and Peter Kadzis with Dominick Ianno (video at WGBH) Lessons from the Financial Crisis: More Government or Less?
May 6 Chris Csikszentmihalyi, Nigel Jacob, and Joseph Porcelli with Callie Crossley (video at WGBH) The Emerging “Fifth Estate”: Can the Likes of Twitter, YouTube, and Other Social Networks Help Solve Real Government Problems?
Apr. 29 Jody Adams and Donald Wiest with Annie B. Copps video at YouTube) Food, Inc.
Apr. 22 Zuhdi Jasser and Bilal Kaleem with James Carroll (video at WGBH) Modern Islam: Engaging Questions of Faith, Fanatics, and Reform
Apr. 15 Joseph M. Cronin, George Greenidge, Claudio Martinez, and Jean McGuire with Tessil Collins (video at WGBH) Reforming Boston Schools: Race, History, and the Future of Our Public School System
Apr. 8 Mitt Romney with Jeff Jacoby (video at WGBH) No Apology: The Case for American Greatness
Mar. 18 Greg Lukianoff, Steven Pinker, and Harvey Silverglate (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education – FIRE) with Judge Nancy Gertner (video at WGBH) 2010 Louis P. and Evelyn Smith First Amendment Award
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