Nov. 19 Sydney Finkelstein with Sally Jackson (video at FORA.tv and WGBH) Think Again: Why Good Leaders Make Bad Decisions and How to Keep it From Happening to You
Oct. 29 Susan M. Wilczynski and Brenda Smith Myles with James T. Brett (video at FORA.tv and WGBH) Autism: Looking Beyond Cause and Cure
Oct. 15 David Ferry, Suji Kwock Kim, Jill McDonough, Ifeayani Menkiti, and Lloyd Schwartz with Christopher Lydon (video at FORA.tv and audio at WGBH) Massachusetts Poetry in Hard Times
Oct. 1 Paul Starr, Martin Baron, and Dan Kennedy with Alasdair Roberts (video at FORA.tv and WGBH) Public Accountability After the Age of Newspapers
Sept. 24 Paul Polak with Jasmine Waddell (video at FORA.tv and WGBH) Out of Poverty: What Works When Traditional Approaches Fail
Sept. 17 Wendy Kaminer with Peter Kadzis (video at FORA.tv and WGBH) Worst Instincts: Cowardice, Conformity, and the ACLU
May 07 Najim Adzadzoi, Paul Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Gould, and Nick Mills with Alan Berger (video at WGBH) Afghanistan’s Untold Story and the Road Ahead
Apr. 30 Nicholas Daniloff with Charles Sennott (video at WGBH) Of Spies and Spokesmen: A Cold War Correspondent Looks at Russia Today
Apr. 23 Phillip Longman (video at WGBH) The Empty Cradle: How Falling Birthrates Threaten World Prosperity And What To Do About It
Apr. 16 Juan Enriquez Financial Crises, Technology, and Why Boston Might Just be the Center of the Universe (at least for now)
Apr. 02 Charles Burnett, Frank Christopher, and Kenneth S. Greenberg (video at FORA.tv and WGBH) Nat Turner: Troublesome Property
Mar. 26 Karl Case and William Apgar with Lisa Lynch (video at WGBH) The End (or a New Beginning?) for the American Dream: Credit, Debt, and the U.S. Economy
Mar. 19 Richard Stallman Copyright vs. Community
Mar. 05 Gwen Ifill with Callie Crossley The 2009 Louis P. and Evelyn Smith First Amendment Award


Nov. 13 Barney Frank with Emily Rooney
(video at FORA.tv and WGBH)
Election 2008: Review and Forecast
Nov. 06 Gary Hirshberg with Nancy F. Koehn
(video at WGBH)
Stirring it Up: How to Make Money and Save the World
Oct. 30 James Carroll Constantine’s Sword
Oct. 23 Douglas Feith with Jules Crittenden
(video at FORA.tv and WGBH)
War and Decision
Oct. 05 Jon Keller with Jeff Jacoby
(video at WGBH)
The Bluest State
Sep. 25 Laurence H. Tribe
(video at FORA.tv and WGBH)
The Invisible Constitution
Sep. 18 Thomas S. Blanton with Alasdair Roberts Secrecy in the United States: Priorities for the next President
Sep. 11 Jimmy Wales with Christopher Lydon
(video at FORA.tv and WGBH)
Free Speech, Free Minds, Free Markets
Jun. 05 George Lakoff
(audio at WGBH)
The Political Mind
May 29 Cecile Richards
(audio at WGBH)
Banned in Boston: The Silent Speech of Margaret Sanger
May 08 Yaron Brook
(audio at WGBH)
Woodstock’s Legacy: The Rise of Environmentalism and the Religious Right
Apr. 17 Danny Schechter
(video at FORA.tv and WGBH)
News Dissecting: Boston and Beyond
Apr. 13 Herman Badillo
(audio at WGBH)
One Nation, One Standard
Apr. 03 Strobe Talbott
(audio at WGBH)
The Great Experiment
Mar. 27 Daniel Pipes & Amy Dockser Marcus
(video at WGBH)
The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Peace Process or War Process?
Mar. 20 Anita F. Hill
(video at WGBH)
The 2008 Louis P. and Evelyn Smith First Amendment Award


Nov. 19 Lou Dobbs Independence Day: Awakening the American Spirit
Nov. 15 Rami Khouri
(video at WGBH)
Baghdad, Tehran, Beirut and Jerusalem- A Critical Arab View of America’s Middle East Policies
Oct. 18 Joan Blades
(video at WGBH)
The Motherhood Manifesto
Oct. 15 Kitty Dukakis, Michael Dukakis, and Larry Tye
(audio at WGBH)
Oct. 04 Charlie Savage
(video at WGBH)
Takeover: The Return of the Imperial Presidency and the Subversion of American Democracy
Sep. 17 Garrison Keillor
(audio at WGBH)
Pontoon: A Lake Wobegon Story
Sep. 13 John W. Dean
(audio at WGBH)
Broken Government: How Republicans Rule Destroyed the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches
May 21 Paul Hawken and Steve Curwood
(video at WGBH)
Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Movement in the World Came into Being, and Why No One Saw it Coming
May 03 Paul Biddinger, Lisa Stone, and Stephen Smith
(video at WGBH)
Disaster Preparedness in Massachusetts: Ready? Or Not?
Apr. 30 Edward Albee, Rick Lombardo, Karen MacDonald, and Ed Siegel Does Theatre Have a Future? The Players Look Forward…
Apr. 22 Richard S. Lindzen
(audio at WGBH)
Is Global Warming a Cause for Alarm?
Mar. 22 Marshall Goldman and Uri Ra’anan
(video at WGBH)
Power, Petroleum, and Flawed Succession: The Roots and Impact of Putin’s Russia
Mar. 15 Ali S. Asani, Mona Eltahawy, and Jeff Jacoby
(audio at WGBH)
You Don’t Know US: Voices from the Moderate Muslim Majority


Dec. 1 Cokie Roberts, Nina Totenberg, and Linda Wertheimer
(video at WGBH)
2006 Louis P. and Evelyn Smith First Amendment Award
Nov. 9 Meizhu Lui, Rebecca Adamson, and Betsey Leondar-Wright
(audio at WGBH)
The Color of Wealth: The Story Behind the U.S. Racial Wealth Divide
Oct. 22 Dr. Yaron Brook
(audio at WGBH)
Democracy vs. Victory: Why the “Forward Strategy of Freedom” Had to Fail
Oct. 12 Ethan Gutman, Hiawatha Bray, and John Jaw
(audio at WGBH)
The Great Firewall of China
Sep. 28 John Darnton
(audio at WGBH)
The Darwin Conspiracy
Sep. 12 Sister Helen Prejean, C.S.J.
(video at WGBH)
The Death of Innocents: An Eyewitness Account of Wrongful Execution
Sep. 11 Sarah Chayes
(audio at WGBH)
The Punishment of Virtue: Inside Afghanistan After the Taliban
May 11 Dr. Thomas Payzant
(video at WGBH)
The Role of Public Education and the Common Good
May 4 George Q. Daley, Dan W. Brock, Rudolf Jaenisch
(video at WGBH)
Stem Cells: Where Will the Road Lead?
Apr. 27 Margaret Morganroth Gullette
(video at WGBH)
Aged by Culture
Apr. 6 Maggie Gallagher
(audio at WGBH)
The Case Against Same-Sex Marriage
Mar. 30 Thomas B. Wilner, P. Salin Willett, Gita Gutierrez
(video at WGBH)
Guantanamo Bay: Who are the Detainees and Why Does the U.S. Continue to Hold Them?
Mar. 23 Paul Cellucci
(video at WGBH)
The Importance of Public Diplomacy in the Post Cold War, Post Sep. 11 World


Dec. 6 Nam Pham, Paul Ton That, and Trinh Nguyen
(audio at WGBH)
Finding a Voice in a New Homeland
Nov. 17 Gloria White-Hammond, Liz Walker, and Linda Mason
(audio at WGBH)
Women to Women: A Journey to Darfur
Nov. 3 Barbara Anderson and Jim Braude Rebels With a Cause: Proposition 2 Jan. 2 Twenty-five Years Later
Oct. 24 Kip Tiernan, Betty Burkes, Renee Loth, and Thomas Menino
(audio at WGBH)
Peaceable Women: The Power of 1,000, The Power of One
Oct. 2 Eli Pariser
(audio at WGBH)
Reclaiming Democracy
Sep. 21 Dan Kennedy and Jay Rosen
(audio at WGBH)
Who’s Talking
Jun. 21 Howie Carr
(video at WGBH)
Both Sides of the Street
May 3 Barbara Olshansky, Steve Oleskey, and Erick Saar with Joshua Rubinstein Torture and Detention: Is the The American Way?
Apr. 20 Sarah Vowell Assassination Vacation
Apr. 12 Martha Burk
(audio at WGBH)
Cult of Power: Sex Discriminations in America and What Can Be Done About It
Apr. 4 Mike Hoffman, Paul Rieckhoff, Scott Allen Miller and Jay Harris
(video at WGBH)
Breaking Ranks
Mar. 9 Richard Bradley
(video at WGBH)
Harvard Rules: The Struggle for the Soul of the World’s Most Powerful University


Nov. 29 Cokie Roberts
(audio at WGBH)
Founding Mothers: The Women Who Raise Our Nation
Nov. 16 Alfred DeMaria, Jr., M.D., Leonard C. Marcus, V.M.D., M.D. and Thomas L. Treadwell, M.D. Disease Du Jour: What Might Be Next?
Nov. 3 Peter Blute and Barney Frank One Day Later: Insights on the 2004 Presidential Race
Oct. 27 Tina Santi Flaherty What Jackie Taught Us: Lessons for the Remarkable Life of Jackie Kennedy Onassis
Oct. 25 Seymore Hersh and Jay Harris Chain of Command: The Road from Sep. 11 to Abu Ghraib
Oct. 19 Derrick Ashong, Kiki Breevlife, Scherazade King, and Geoff Ward Hip-Hop Politics
Oct. 7 Ron Ferguson, Ellen Guiney, Ted Landsmark, and Robert B. Schwartz 30 Years After School Busing: Where Do We Go Next
Sep. 29 Jerry Burke, Sean Flynn, and Rod Fritz Policing Baghdad
Sep. 22 Howard Bryant, Anita Diamant, Susan Orlean, and Paul Grogan The Good City: Writers Explore 21st Century Boston
Jun. 15 Marie St. Fleur, Regine O. Jackson, and Marc Prou The Haitian Diaspora in Boston
May 18 Diane Ravitch The Language Police
May 11 Lucian Leape, M.D., Connie Crowley Ganser, Linda Kenney, and John A. Fromson, M.D. Medical Errors and Patient Safety
Mar. 30 Scott Ritter and Listo Fisher Frontier Justice
Mar. 16 Ellen Band, Wendy Kaminer, Victor H. Kazanjian, Jr., and Dan Kennedy Prayer in Public
Feb. 10 Richard J. McNally Remembering Trauma
Jan. 28 Dr. Jean Flatley McGuire and Harold Cox The Politics of Sex, Drugs, and HIV/AIDS
Jan. 22 Orlando Bagwell Citizen Kin


Dec. 3 Darrel Crate, Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey, and Dominick Ianno The Elephant in the State House: Republican Success in Democratic Massachusetts
Nov. 17 Juiliette Kayyem Give Me Liberty or Give Me Safety: Balancing Civil Rights and National Security
Oct. 21 Peter Steinfels A People Adrift: The Crisis of the Roman Catholic Church in America
Oct. 20 Meredith Bergmann, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Andrea Moore Kerr, and Celeste Walker Remembering the Ladies: Boston Celebrates a New Women’s Memorial
Oct. 09 Brian MacQuarrie Up Close and Personal: Embedded Reporter Gets Inside the War In Iraq
Oct. 01 Mickey Edwards, Elaine Hagopian, and Jeffrey Taliaferro What in the World Should We Do?: U.S. Foreign Policy Today and Tomorrow
Jun. 04 Madge Kaplan and Physicians of the Massachusetts Medical Society See You in Court: Medical Malpractice and Health Care in Massachusetts
May 13 Darren G. Brookes Innocence Lost: Child Abuse, Pornography, and the Internet
Apr. 06 Leonard Peikoff American Versus Americans
Mar. 11 Giovanna Negretti and
Joseph Tovares
Los Trabajadores: A Film Screening and Discussion About Immigrant Labor in the U.S.
Jan. 28 Justice Albie Sachs, Margaret Burnham, and Paul Tucker After Apartheid: Symbols of Progress and Challenges Yet to be Faced in the New South Africa
Jan. 25 Reverand John S. Sexton Religion in Education


Nov. 19 Congressman Barney Frank The 2002 Election Results: What Do They Mean?
Nov. 7 Paul Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Gould, Bob Zelnick, and Christopher Lydon Afghanistan and Freedom of the Press in the United States
Oct. 24 The Rev. Anne C. Fowler, Nicki Nichols Gamble, Frances X. Hogan, Melissa Kogut, Madeline McComish, Barbara Thorp, and Laura Chasin Fundamental Difference/ Constructive Relationships
Oct. 10 Glenn Loury and James Hirsh Debating Reparations for Slavery
Oct. 8 Julie and Hillary Goodridge, Gina Smith and Heidi Norton, Ed Balmelli and Michael J. Horgan, and Mary Bonauto What’s at the Heart of Marriage? Same-Sex Couples and Legal Rights
Sep. 26 Paul Solman Ethically Challenged: Can Capitalism Survive Its Own Excesses?
May 14 Jeff Jacoby The Case for Capital Punishment
May 2 Patricia McGovern Is Massachusetts State Government Broken?
Apr. 23 Noam Chomsky The Emerging Framework of World Power
Apr. 10 James Peyser and Ted Sizer Putting Students and Schools to the Test: The Pros and Cons of MCAS
Mar. 6 Jarrett Barrios, Rita Uong, and Dianne Wilkerson The Emerging Majority
Feb. 12 Alan Dershowitz and Harvey Silvergate Debating Civil Liberties Post Sep. 11


Dec. 10 Stephen Jay Gould Rocks of Ages: Science and Religion in the Fullness of Life
Nov. 29 Peter Schumann What the World Needs Now: A Manifesto for the Slow World (A Fiddle Sermon)
Nov. 15 Michael Greco and Niki Tsongas The Creative Economy Initiative: The Role of the Arts and Culture in New England’s Economic Competitiveness
Nov. 6 Andrea Ayvazian and Beverly Daniel Tatum Navigating Friendships Across Racial Divides
Nov. 1 Patricia Smith Word Unleashed: Performance Poetry and the New Freedom of Expression
Oct. 11 Daniel Robb and Roderick L. Ireland Trapped by Trouble: Violent Teens, Juvenile Justice, and Rehabilitation
Sep. 29 Carol Bellamy, Felton Earls, Rodrigo Guerrero, Jane Schaller, and Deborah Prothrow-Stith Children’s Right to Non-Violence: Commemorating the United Nations’ Decade for a Culture of Peace
Jun. 5 Chip Berlet Right-Wing Populism in America: Too Close for Comfort
May 8 Facilitated by Steve Johnson Boston Chefs and Local Farmers: A Conversation
Apr. 29 Leonard Peikoff The One in the Many: How to Create It and Why
Apr. 26 James K. Glassman Is Government Strangling the New Economy?
Apr. 11 Barbara Neely Blanche Strikes a Chord: Challenging Stereotypes and Promoting the Concerns of Working Class People
Mar. 22 Peter Neufeld Actual Innocence: When Justice Goes Wrong and How to Make it Right
Mar. 7 Charlene Gilbert Homecoming: The Story of African-American Farmers
Feb. 13 Robert B. Reich The Future of Success


Dec. 13 Jane Holtz Kay Boston: Lost and Living in the Auto Age
Nov. 29 Willaim Shutkin The Land That Could Be: Environmentalism and Democracy in the Twenty-First Century
Nov. 15 Congressman Barney Frank Election 2000: A Review and Forecast
Oct. 4 Lillian Glickman and Joyce Williams The Aging Odyssey: Elders in the New Millennium
Sep. 26 Dr. Jean Hardisty Kitchen Table Backlash: The Anti-Feminist Women’s Movement
Jun. 13 Tina Packer and John Whitney Power Plays: Shakespeare’s Lessons in Leadership and Management
May 23 Jean Kilbourne Deadly Persuasion: Why Women and Girls Must Fight the Addictive Power of Advertising
Apr. 25 Panel of Teenage Representatives from “End School Violence Now” Organization End School Violence Now
Mar. 28 Robert F. Duvall The Campaign for Economic Literacy
Mar. 16 Gordon Fellman Rambo and the Dalai Lama: The Compulsion to Win and Its Threat to Human Survival
Feb. 16 James W. Loewen Lies Across American: What Our Historic Sites Get Wrong
Feb. 3 George McCully Philanthropy in America: Does it Matter?
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