Dec. 8 Lorraine Roses The Search for Black Boston’s Lost Cultural Riches
Nov. 17 Paul Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Gould, and Sima Wali Afghanistan Between Three Worlds
Nov. 3 Marvin Kalb The New News: Changing Journalistic Standards
Oct. 27 Richard Landes Y0K, Y1K, Y2K: Apocalyptic Dates in Western History
Oct. 19 John Bonifaz, Scott Douglas, and Scott Harshbarger Campaign Finance as a Civil Rights Issue
Sep. 29 David Fromkin Kosovo Crossing: American Ideals Meet Reality on the Balkans Battlefields
Apr. 28 Carol M. Bronwer An Address by the Administration of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Mar. 25 Harvey A. Silvergate, ESQ. Are Hate-Speech Codes and Hate-Crime Legislation Constitutional, Moral, and Effective?
Mar. 14 Chrisena Coleman Wise Words and Anecdotes: A Celebration of African-American Women
Mar. 7 Sidney Jay Zabludoff Nazi Gold and the Swiss Banks: The Loss of European Jewish Assets and the Holocaust
Mar. 4 Jack Blum Unresolved Cold War Legacies of Corrupt Foreign Policy
Feb. 4 Kevin Phillips Anglo-America: The Domination of World Politics and Transformation of Global Culture


Nov. 22 Leonard Peikoff A Picture is Not an Argument
Nov. 19 Wendy Kaminer The Culture of Censorship
Nov. 11 Carol M. Bronwer An Address by the Administration of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Nov. 8 Congressman John Lewis 1998 Louis P. and Evelyn Smith First Amendment Award
Oct. 7 Cleve Jones Tales From the Quilt
May 14 J. Brian Atwood Why Should the United States Stat Engaged in Bosnia?
May 7 Gina Kolata Clone: The Road to Dolly and the Path Ahead
Apr. 26 Admiral Stansfield Turner Caging the Nuclear Genie: An American Challenge for Global Security
Apr. 16 CEO Gary Hirshberger and Dr. Margaret Mellon A Consumer’s Right to Know: Are Our Food Standards Clear Enough?
Apr. 5 Lani Guinier Turning a Civil Rights Setback into a New Vision of Social Justice


Nov. 20 Mark Edmundson, Lewis Lapham, Earl Shorris, and John Silber Humanities Lost and Found
Nov. 16 Christopher Arterton, Nicolaus Mills, Patricia Schroeder, and Pam Solo Civic Renewal: Exerting Out Better Selves
Nov. 13 Cornel West Restoring Hope: Conversations on the Future of Black America
Nov. 9 Robert Pinsky American Poetry and American Life: An Evening with the American Poet Laureate
Oct. 30 Blanche McCrary Boyd, John Casey, Martha Minow, and John Edgar Wideman Outside the Law: Narratives on Justice
Oct. 26 Keith Lockhart Why I Sign in the Shower: A Talk with Keith Lockhart
Sep. 28 Terry Gross 1997 Louis P. and Evelyn Smith First Amendment Award
Sep. 21 Dr. Susan Love Women’s Health: It’s Time to Tell the Truth
Apr. 24 Lester C. Thurow Leaving Ourselves a Future: Recommendations for Cutting the Deficit
Apr. 17 E.D. Hirsch, Jr. The Schools We Need
Apr. 6 Faye Wattleton Working Women, Working Wives, Working Mothers, Working Lives
Apr. 3 Robert B. Reich Taking the Long View: American Jobs in the 21st Century
Mar. 27 Rebecca Walker To Be Real: Telling the Truth and Changing the Face of Feminism
Mar. 19 David Brudnoy Life in Not a Rehearsal: AIDS- and After
Mar. 13 William Bratton Community Policing: Making America’s Cities Livable Again


Nov. 7 Robert Richardson Emerson: the Mind of Fire
Nov. 3 Marion Hammer Freedom! Can We Save It?
Oct. 24 Ralph Reed The Christian Coalitions View of Election 1996
Oct. 3 Alan Brinkley, John Kenneth Galbraith, Lewis Lapham, and Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. Lessons from the Past: What Citizens Need to Know for the Future of Democracy
Sep. 29 Geoffrey Fieger The Morality of Physician-Assisted Suicide
Sep. 26 Edward C. Johnson Fidelity Investments: Managing a Growing Company
May 16 Patricia Smith The Changing American Agenda: Where Have Family Values Gone?
Apr. 28 Robert Gates An Insider’s Look at the Cold War
Apr. 21 Leonard Peikoff A Philosopher Analyzes the O.J. Verdict
Apr. 18 Elizabeth Drew Showdown in Washington D.C.
Apr. 11 Alan Dershowitz America’s Justice System After O.J.
Mar. 31 Deval Patrick Current Challenges in Civil Rights
Mar. 20 Marian Wright Edelman Priorities for America’s Children


Nov. 16 Tony Brown Black Lies, White Lies
Nov. 10 Norman Mailer Portrait of Picasso as a Young Man
Nov. 9 Henry Becton, Peggy Charren, Hilton Kramer, Lewis Lapham, and Sheldon Richman Public Television: Do We Need It Anymore?
Nov. 2 David Broder, Julie Johnson, and Charles McDowell Election 1996: Let the Games Begin
Oct. 22 Lynne Cheney Telling the Truth
Oct. 19 Eva Fogelman Conscience and Courage
Oct. 15 Thomas Payzant Boston Public Schools: Priorities for Our Children’s Future
Oct. 12 Paul Tsongas and Lowell Weicker Does American Need a Third Party?
May 18 Hanan Ashrawi The Side of Peace: A Personal Account
Apr. 27 Sarah Brady The Tough Road to the Brady Law: Why the Fight isn’t Over Yet
Apr. 23 Leonard Peikoff What to do About Crime
Apr. 6 Henry Cisneros Will Rebuilding Cities Rebuild Families
Mar. 23 Charles Murray The Bell Curve
Mar. 19 Barney Frank, David Hall, and Dianne Wilkerson Civil Rights in the 104th Congress: What Will it Mean for Boston?
Mar. 16 Stephen Adler, Morris Dees, Joseph Balliro and Rudolph Kass American Justice on Trial: Who Chooses the Jury


Nov. 17 Janet Reno The Attorney General on the Issues
Nov. 9 Rosalynn Carter Helping Yourself Help Others
Nov. 3 Red Auerbach An Evening with Red Auerbach
Oct. 27 Diana Eck Encountering God
Oct. 13 Joan R. MacArthur, Mark Crispin Miller, and Earl Shorris The Overselling of America
Oct. 6 Derrick Bell Confronting Authority
Oct. 2 Kevin Phillips Arrogant Capital
May 25 James Carroll The Boston Busing Crisis Twenty Years Later: A Novelist’s View
May 12 Gloria Steinem Moving Beyond Words
Apr. 28 Ted Turner 1994 Louis P. and Evelyn Smith First Amendment Award
Apr. 21 Ralph Martin and Robert C. Rufo Violence in the City: Ending the Cycle
Apr. 14 Kate Michelman Promoting Prevention: A Pro-Choice Agenda for the 1990s
Apr. 10 Muhamed Sacirbey Bringing an End to Bosnia’s Civil War
Mar. 24 Bennett Cohen, Sharon Cohen, and Arnold Hiatt How to do Well by Doing Good
Mar. 10 Robert MacNeil An Evening with Robert MacNeil


Nov. 7 Leonard Peikoff Madness and Modernism
Oct. 28 Joe Hardiman The Future of Capital Markets: Continuing Evolution, Unprecedented Opportunity
Oct. 24 Roger Rosenblatt Why Journalism Fails to Tell the News
Oct. 21 Christopher Hitchens, Lewis Lapham, Martin F. Nolan, and Les Payne The Media: Too Aggressive or Too Docile?
Oct. 17 Robin Casarjian Forgiveness: A Bold Choice for a Peaceful Heart
Oct. 14 The Reverand Al Sharpton Racial Equality in America: How Do We Keep the Wheels of Progress Rolling?
Oct. 7 Stephen L. Carter Religion, Politics, and the Constitution in the 1990’s
May 25 Alice Walker An Evening With Alice Walker
May 19 Gary Hart The Good Flight: The Education of an American Reformer
Apr. 18 David Gergen The Clinton Administration: The First 100 Days
Apr. 15 Majorie Clapprood and Judy Jarvis Talk Radio: Political Platform for the People
Apr. 8 Father Robert F. Drinan, S.J. and Helen Fein Why Remember: Lessons the Holocaust Can Teach Us Today
Mar. 25 Nigle Hamilton History and the Kennedys
Mar. 18 Kevin Phillips Change in American: The Middle Class Reaches the Boiling Point
Mar. 14 Nat Hentoff Is Any For of Speech So Harmful, So Disgusting, So Dangerous, or So Offensive That It Should Not Be Spoken or Published?


Dec. 3 Charlayne Hunter- Gault In my Place
Nov. 1 Edward M. Kennedy, Daniel S. Cheever, Jr. and Corine Williams Byrd How to Make College Affordable
Oct. 29 Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Lewis Lapham Voices in Black and White: Contributors to Harper’s Magazine Explore Issues of Race
Oct. 25 Mike Barnicle and David Brudnoy Can You Believe This? Barnicle and Brudnoy Skewer the News
Oct. 15 David S. Nelson 1992 Louis P. and Evelyn Smith First Amendment Award
Oct. 1 Sissela Bok Discordant Family Values
Apr. 30 Thomas P. O’Neill, Jr., Doris Kearns Goodwin, and James Carroll Mortal Friends: A Conversation about Irish Politics in Boston
Apr. 26 Leonard Peikoff The Future Implications of Certain Present Trends at Home and Abroad
Apr. 23 Robert Kuttner and Robert Lawrence Should Japan Be Allowed to Buy the U.S.?
Apr. 16 David Blumenthal and John Larkin Thompson Why Are my Health Insurance Premiums so High? (Any What Can Be Done About Them?)
Apr. 12 Julie Belaga and Ann Lewis Women, Power, and Politics
Apr. 5 Albert Gore Earth in the Balance: The Environmental Crisis for Our Nation and Our World
Apr. 2 Cokie Roberts The Business of Electing a President: The 1992 Campaign
Mar. 23 Zalman Shoval From Confrontation to Negotiation: An Insider’s View of the Middle East Peace Talks


Nov. 21 Jonathan Kozol Savage Inequalities: American Schools, Still Separate, Still Unequal…
Nov. 17 J. Larry Brown, Robert Greenstein and Leo Panetta Childhood Hunger in America: Our Future at Risk
Nov. 14 Charles McDowell, Julie Johnson, and Jack Nelson The 1992 Presidential Campaign: A Preview
Nov. 3 Nannerl Keohane and Sherry Penney Beyond Political Correctness: Dealing with Diversity on College Campuses
Oct. 24 Tim O’Brien Vietnam: Immoral War, Impossible Victory
Sep. 29 Louis Sullivan, M.D. Health Care Reform and Biomedical Research: Containing Costs and Improving Quality
May 5 Rosa L. Parks 1991 Louis P. and Evelyn Smith First Amendment Award
Apr. 28 Kevin Phillips Leadership in America: The Politics of Rich and Poor
Apr. 25 Daniel Yergin Oil, Money, and Power
Apr. 18 Jonathan Mann AIDS: A Global Perspective
Apr. 7 Jean Kilbourne Under the Influence: The Pushing of Alcohol via Advertising
Mar. 28 David Duke An Agenda for America: David Duke on the Issues


Dec. 2 Leonard Peikoff Philosophy and the Real World Out There
Nov. 18 Richard Lapchick, Norm Van Lier, Holly Metcalf and Luis Tiant Sports: Friend or Foe to the Minority Community
Nov. 15 Michael Barrett and Theodore Sizer How Much School is Enough?
Nov. 8 Howard Nemerov An Evening with America’s Poet Laureate
Oct. 28 Rosabeth Moss Kanter The Changing Face of Business: American Corporations in the 1990s and Beyond
Oct. 18 Rosanne Cash, Nora Dunn, and David Ross Freedom of Expression and Censorship in Arts
May 20 Fang, Kennedy, Linkm Neier, and Schell 1990 Louis P. and Evelyn Smith First Amendment Award
May 3 Katherine Fanning The News in the ’90s
Apr. 26 Randall Hayes How to Save the Rainforests
Apr. 12 David Broder The Politics in the 1990s: A Question of Leadership
Mar. 29 Rita Klimova The Gentle Revolution of Czechoslovakia
Mar. 25 Bette Bao Lord and Winston Lord China: Great Walls and Open Doors
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