Nov. 30 Elizabeth Keeley Sexual Abuse of Children: A Growing Epidemic or A Growing Awareness?
Nov. 12 Henry Kendall and Claudine Schneider Global Warming: What Can We Do About the Greenhouse Effect?
Nov. 9 J.Jackson Walter Keeping America’s Heritage Alive
Nov. 5 Herbert Benson How to Counteract the Harmful Effects of Stress: The Relaxation Response
Oct. 19 Pei Minxin, Shen Tong, Din Xueliang, and Yasheng Huang The Future of the Democratic Reform Movement in China
Oct. 15 Paul Szep Satire: The Ungentle Art
May 18 Neil Sheehan Vietnam: How Could this War have Happened?
May 14 American Civil Liberties Union First Amendment Award and Address
May 4 Philip Johnston and Marc Roberts What Do We Do When the Money Runs Out: State Financing of Extraordinary Health Care
Apr. 23 Leonard Peikoff Certainty and Happiness: Achieving Success in Thought and Action
Apr. 16 Mitchell Kapor What’s So Personal About Personal Computers?
Apr. 13 John Chancellor Kinder and Gentler or Tougher and Stronger?
Apr. 6 Ellen Hume and Linda Wertheimer Covering the Presidential Campaign: Lessons for 1992
Mar. 30 Mamphela Ramphele What the U.S. Should Know About South Africa


Nov. 17 Liz Carpenter Surviving Half a Century of American Politics
Nov. 10 Barney Frank and Warren Rudman Election 88: A Review and Forecast
Nov. 6 Philip Agee Dirty Work: The CIA in Central America and the World
Nov. 4 Mubarak Awad The Palestinian Struggle for Human Rights
Oct. 30 Robert Reich and Barry Bluestone Beyond Reaganomics: America’s Role in the New Global Economy
Oct. 27 Arthur Liman Contragate: The Story Behind the Scenes
Oct. 20 Eileen McNamara and Hiller Zobel Who Judges the Judges?
Oct. 16 Ann F. Lewis Inside the Democratic Campaign: Jackson Action and Party Politics
Oct. 13 Gloria T. Hull and Peggy McIntosh Education for a More Inclusive Society
Sep. 25 Michael Harrington A Progressive Agenda for Equity and Justice
May 17 John McLaughlin The View from Washington: A National and International Review
May 15 Pete Seeger First Amendment Award and Address
May 1 Archibald Cox John William Ward Memorial Lecture: Government Ethics and Public Trust
Apr. 24 Leonard Peikoff Why Should One Act on Principle?
Apr. 21 Amanda Cross and Robert Parker The Art of Mystery: Master Sleuths Unmasked
Apr. 14 Geraldine Ferraro After Reagan: What Next?
Mar. 31 C. Everett Koop Education and AIDS: Fighting a Killer


Nov. 15 Norman Cousins Taming of Nations
Nov. 8 I. F. Stone A Conservation with I.F. Stone
Nov. 1 Henry Hampton Eyes on the Prize: Setting the Course for America’s Racial Future
Oct. 29 Veronica DeNegri and Robert J. Lifton Hope and Healing in a World of Horror
Oct. 23 Marian Wright Edelman Unprotected and At Risk: The State of Childhood in America
Oct. 15 Molly Yard 1990’s Politics: Flooding the Ticket with Women
Sep. 27 Barney Frank A Democratic Agenda for 1988 and Beyond
May 10 Seamus Heaney The Sound of Poetry
May 7 Nicholas Daniloff First Amendment Award and Lecture
Apr. 30 Alexander Haig Developing a National Agenda: Issues for the 1990’s
Apr. 26 Leonard Peikoff My Thirty Years with Ayn Rand: An Intellectual Memoir
Apr. 23 Laurence Tribe Bicentennial Blues: To Praise the Constitution or to Bury It?
Apr. 5 Carolyn Compton, Thomas Regan, and Andrew Rowan Crisis in the Lab: Animals in Medical Research


Nov. 16 David R. Gergan, Arthur Miller, and Martin F. Nolan Lowell Lecture: The Rights and Responsibilities of a Free Press
Nov. 13 Reverand Pat Robertson An Agenda for the Nineties
Nov. 9 Bernard Aronson and John Kerry Nicaragua: Contras, Sandinistas, and US Aid
Oct. 26 Morris B. Abram and Nathaniel R. Jones Affirmative Action and Equal Rights
Oct. 16 William Webster Issues of Integrity in Law Enforcement
Oct. 5 Renny Golden, Comr. Alan Nelson, Ellen Yaroshenfsky Sanctuary: Moral Imperatives and Illegal Acts
Sep. 28 John Kenneth Galbraith and Franco Modigliani A Conversation on the Economy
Sep. 20 President Corazon Aquino
Apr. 20 Leonard Peikoff Religion vs. America
Apr. 17 Daniel Ellsberg and John Pike Star Wars II: Opposing SDI
Apr. 13 J. Larry Brown and Rep. Mickey Leland Hungry… in America!
Apr. 10 Lloyd Cutler, Elliot Richardson, and Louis Menard, III Government Gridlock: Is Government Responsive Enough for the 21st Century?
Apr. 3 Theodore Sizer and Sara Lawerence Lightfoot Improving America’s High Schools
Mar. 27 Marian Blum, Ellen Galinsky, Arnold Hiatt, and Margaret McKenna The Day Care Puzzle


Nov. 7 Paul Starr The Health Care Dilemma: Cost and Availability
Nov. 3 Eleanor Holmes Norton The National Crisis of Teenage Pregnancy
Oct. 24 Lt. Gen. James Abrahamson The Strategic Defense Initiative: Star Wars I
Oct. 20 Frances Moore Lappe and Deborah Toler World Hunger: Lesson of Ethiopia
Oct. 10 C. Everett Koop and Richard Daynard Smoking: The Medical and Legal Implications
Sep. 29 Stephen Schiff and Chuck Kraemer Movies in America
Sep. 22 Howard Baker A Political and Legislative Outlook for the ’80s
Apr. 28 Thomas Winship First Amendment Award and Address
Apr. 25 Harvey Cox, Anthony Podesta, and Cal Thomas Religion in Politics
Apr. 21 Lester C. Thurow An Economic Outlook for the Eighties
Apr. 18 Benjamin Hooks and John Kaplan Justice for All?
Apr. 14 Leonard Peikoff Medicine: The Death of a Profession
Mar. 31 Tom Wicker The Reagan Presidency II: The First Hundred Days


Oct. 28 William Colby and John Stockwell The CIA: America’s Secret Foreign Policy
Oct. 21 Richard Restak The Human Brain
Oct. 18 John Silber and Ray Bonner U.S. Policy in Central America
Oct. 4 David Halberstam The Effect of Sports On American Society
Sep. 30 Helen Caldicott The Threat of Nuclear War
Sep. 23 Bella Abzug and Robert Novak Challenges for the Next Administration
Apr. 29 First Amendment Award and Address
Apr. 15 Leonard Peikoff The American School: Why Johnny Can’t Think
Apr. 8 Andrew Young The Role of City Government in the 1980s
Apr. 1 Douglas Fraser Labor and Business Ethics
Mar. 25 Seymour Hersh The Price of Power: Journalism and Foreign Policy


Nov. 6 Sissela Bok Secrecy and Lying in Public
Oct. 30 Ann Compton Media Ethics: The Power of the Press
Oct. 23 Ralph Nader and Richard Neely Ethics in American Law: Consumer Activism and Judicial Activism
Oct. 16 Harold Washington Blacks in American Politics
Oct. 2 Barney Frank and Patrick Buchanan An Overview of Ethics for the Eighties
May 1 First Amendment Award and Address
Apr. 24 Leonard Peikoff Assault From the Ivory Tower: The Professor’s War Against America
Apr. 17 John Kenneth Galbraith Reagan and his Economists Reviewed
Apr. 10 I. F. Stone A Maverick’s View of the Nation and the World
Mar. 27 Reverand Jesse L. Jackson Education: Foundation for Democracy


Nov. 7 Doris Kearns-Goodwin, Jonathan Moor, and James C. Thomson Jr. The Meaning of the 1982 Election : A Post Mortem
Oct. 31 Dr. Carl Kaysen The Federal Government and Science and Technology
Oct. 24 Dr. Andrew F. Brimmer The Federal Government and Business and the Economy
Oct. 17 Ellen Feingold and Lewis H. Spence The Federal Government and Social and Services and Social Responsibility
Oct. 3 Ramsey Clark The Federal Government and Politics and Law
May 9 Maya Angelou First Amendment Award and Address: The Responsibility to Speak for Freedom’s Sake
Apr. 25 Ayn Rand
Apr. 18 Andrew Young
Apr. 4 Daniel Yankelovich Do American Still Believe in Apple Pie and Mother?
Feb. 28 Wilbur J. Cohen and Carolyn L. Weaver Social Security: A System Under Pressure


Nov. 1 Joseph R. Stantion and Phillip G. Stubblefield The Abortion Controversy: A Collision of Rights
Oct. 25 John Kenneth Galbraith The Conservative Revolt
Oct. 18 Alexander Ginzberg The Continuing Struggle for Human Rights
Oct. 11 Ellen Goodman The Changing Roles of Men and Women- Can We Have it All?
Oct. 4 Barney Frank and Cal Thomas The New Right, The New Left: Their Place in Government and Politics
May 3 William Proxmire Waste in Government and What We Can Do About This
Apr. 26 Ayn Rand
Apr. 12 Harvey G. Cox, Jr. Are Traditional Religions Meeting Today’s Needs
Apr. 5 Doris Kearns Goodwin Women in a Man’s World
Mar. 29 Norman Lear First Amendment Award and Lecture


Nov. 2 Robert F. Delaney Terrorism as a Tactic
Oct. 26 Barry Commoner and Daniel Yergin Energy and Environment: A Conflict of Out Time
Oct. 19 Dick Gregory Are Minorities Really Powerless?
Oct. 12 Isaac Asimov The Disasters That Threaten Our World
Oct. 5 John P. Roche and William Safire What Will the Outcome of the Election Have on Foreign and Domestic Policies
May 4 Vance Packard Scientific Explosion: Public Perils and Ethical Crises
Apr. 27 Joseph M. Jordan, Samuel E. Zoll, and Barney Frank What Can Be Done About Crime in the Street
Apr. 20 Fred Graham and Arthur R. Miller The Right to Privacy vs. Free Press
Apr. 13 William F. Buckley, Jr. Some of the Problems of Freedom
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