Nov. 4 Midge Costanza Are Women Still Being Judged by a Double Standard
Oct. 28 Nicholas Johnson Welcome to Sex and Violence on TV: Do You Know What You Children Are Watching Tonight?
Oct. 21 Ralph Nader and Samuel Schwartz Energy Outlook
Oct. 14 John Kenneth Galbraith Must We Have Inflation or Recession or Both
Oct. 7 David Halberstam The Power of the Media
Apr. 29 Phyllis Schlafly The Myth of the Equal Rights Amendment
Apr. 22 Walter Laqueur Terrorism
Apr. 15 Donald Woods Emancipation and Human Dignity: The South African Experience
Apr. 8 Sandra Keifer vs. Clamshell Alliance Is Nuclear Energy Safe?
Apr. 1 Barney Frank vs. William Rusher Gay Rights
Mar. 25 Ivor Richard Multinational Corporations and How to Control Them


Oct. 29 Alan Dershowitz Laws and Social Policy for Human Rights
Oct. 22 Elmo Zumwalt Foreign Policy
Oct. 15 Maggie Kuhn Freedom for Older Americans
Oct. 8 Paul Duke Washington Week in Review
Apr. 30 Uri Ra’anan The Soviet and the Middle East
Apr. 23 Theodore Bikel Dissent
Apr. 16 Ayn Rand
Apr. 9 Dr. Thomas Szasz Myth of Psychotherapy
Apr. 2 Edgar Berman Warning! Your Doctor May be Hazardous To Your Health


Oct. 30 I. F. Stone A Maverick’s View of Washington Politics
Oct. 23 Bella Abzug Politics 1977
Oct. 16 Barry Commoner The Energy Crisis: Who Pays For It?
Oct. 9 Larry Flynt Pornography, An Inalienable Right?
Oct. 2 Roger Mudd Presidential Politics and Television
May 1 Elizabeth Holtman The Role of Congress in America’s Future
Apr. 24 Robert Coles Ethical Conflict In American Children
Apr. 17 James Reston Ninety Days Into the New Administration
Apr. 10 Ayn Rand
Apr. 3 Kenneth Keniston, Frank E. Manuel, B. F. Skinner The Future: Through a Glass Darkly


Nov. 7 Tom Wolfe When Will the 70’s Begin
Oct. 31 Reverand Jesse L. Jackson Give the People a Vision
Oct. 24 Elie Wiesel An Evening with Elie Wiesel
Oct. 17 George W. Ball Diplomacy For A Crowded World: An American Foreign Policy
Oct. 10 Tom Wicker The Nation: The 1976 Election
May 2 Isaac Asimov The Science Fiction Writer as Prophet i.e. Solar Energy
Apr. 25 Elliot Janeway Where Do We Go from Here? The Economy of the Future
Apr. 18 Bruno Bettelheim The Sex Revolution and the Future of the Family
Apr. 11 Ayn Rand
Apr. 4 Max Lerner and Reid Buckley The 1976 Election: Two Views- Liberal and Conservative


Nov. 2 Nora Ephron Crazy Salad: Some Things About Women in the Age of Liberation
Oct. 26 R. Buckminister Fuller The New Reality
Oct. 12 Jimmy Breslin The Illusion of Power
Oct. 10 Daniel Schorr The CIA and the Invasion of Privacy
Oct. 5 Angela Davis >Organized Struggle Against Racial and Political Repression
May 4 Florynce Kennedy The Alliance of the Alienated: Blacks, Women and Other Minorities
Apr. 27 Dr. Rollo May Creativity and Death
Apr. 20 Dr. Harvey G. Cox Religion in America- The Next 200 Years
Apr. 13 William Loeb The Conservative View
Apr. 6 William P. Homans, Jr. Human Rights- A Challenge for Everyone


Nov. 3 Germaine Greer Population Control: The New Fascism
Oct. 27 Ralph Nader Corporate Responsibility and Consumer Protection
Oct. 20 Ayn Rand Egalitarianism and Inflation
Oct. 13 Bill Moyers Personal Reflections on the Current State of National Affairs
Oct. 6 Marvin Kalb Kissinger in Perspective


Dec. 2 Herman Kahn Prospects for Mankind
Nov. 25 Comm. Robert J. DiGrazia The Police and the Public
Nov. 18 Judith Crist Much Ado About Pornography
Nov. 11 Dr. Thomas A. Harris I’m OK- You’re O.K.
Nov. 4 Gore Vidal The State of Union
Oct. 28 Reverand Jesse L. Jackson
Oct. 21 Ayn Rand Censorship: Local and Express
Oct. 14 Sir Bernard Lovell Man, His Universe and His Environment
Oct. 7 Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward Watergate: A National Crisis
Sep. 30 Tom Wicker The Right to Know


Dec. 10 J. Kenneth Galbraith Politics: Retrospect and Prospect
Dec. 3 Roy Wilkins Civil Rights in the United States 1972
Nov. 26 Elma Lewis The Institutions of Society and the Black Citizen
Nov. 19 Dr. John R. Silber The Burden of Waste
Nov. 12 Dr. Rollo May Love and the Demonic
Nov. 5 Dr. Max Lerner America on the Eve
Oct. 29 Comm. John O. Boone and Dr. Jerome G. Miller Can We Afford Not to Have Prison Reform
Oct. 22 Ayn Rand
Oct. 16 Dr. Isaac Asimov Ladies: You Shall Overcome
Oct. 8 Dr. Margaret Mead Environmental Crisis: Trap or Promise
Oct. 1 R. Buckminister Fuller Humans in Universe
Sep. 24 Ramsay Clark


Dec. 12 Willian A. Rusher Have Students Gone Crazy- Or Where Does Legitimate Protest Leave Off and Anarchy Begin?
Dec. 5 John F. Kerry Vietnam Revisited
Nov. 28 Robert F. Drinan Why Congress Must Assert Itself in ’72
Nov. 21 Jonathan Kozol What’s Wrong with Boston Public Schools?
Nov. 14 Ayn Rand The Moratorium on Brains
Nov. 7 Fred Rogers (Mister Rogers) Using Television to Meet Real Human Needs
Oct. 31 Dr. Max Lerner China, Peace and the Elections
Oct. 24 Charles E. Goodell Will Nixon Survive in ’72
Oct. 17 Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman Women’s Liberation
Oct. 10 John Kenneth Galbraith The End of the Heroic Age in American Foreign Policy
Oct. 3 Dick Gregory Social Problems- Social or Antisocial
Sep. 26 Pete Seeger Ecology Versus Poverty


Dec. 13 Sam Brown
Dec. 6 Kingman Brewster Jr.
Nov. 29 Roger Fisher and Marie Syrkin The Arab-Israeli Conflict
Nov. 22 Dr. Salvador E. Luria Technology and Responsibility
Nov. 15 James Farmer Freedom- When?
Nov. 8 The Proposition- The Place of Satire in the Political Arena
Nov. 1 Ayn Rand
Oct. 25 Dr. Margaret Mead Alternatives of Polarization
Oct. 18 Alan S. Katz M.D. The Use of Drugs in America: Towards a Better Understanding of Passivity
Oct. 11 Dr. Herbert Marcuse Are We in the Middle of a Revolution ?
Oct. 4 William Kunstler The Era of a Resistance
Sep. 27 Charles Evers The Man Who Cares
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