Dec. 14 Dana L. Farnsworth Drugs: Do They Develop Open or Closed Minds?
Dec. 7 Gerald Schaflander Ghetto Crisis
Nov. 30 Isaac Asimov Apollo II: The End or the Beginning of an Age
Nov. 23 John H. Knowles, M.D. Major Issues Besetting American Medicine
Nov. 16 Morris B. Abram The American University: A retrospect
Nov. 9 Ayn Rand Apollo (11) and Dionysus (at Woodstock)
Nov. 2 Michael S. Ansara, Donald Feder, and L. F. Griffin, Jr. Campus Revolt: Reconstruction of Destruction
Oct. 26 Warren G. Bennis T-Group: Danger of Hope
Oct. 19 George Walk Therefore Chose Life…
Oct. 12 Hans J. Morgenthau A New Foreign Policy for the United States
Oct. 5 Julian Bond Black Politics and the New Democratic Coalition
Sep. 28 George McGovern The Rhetoric and Reality Gap


Dec. 15 Dr. Margaret Mead Youth is Not Just Another Minority
Dec. 8 Ayn Rand
Dec. 1 Rod McLeish and William Worthy Jr. Do the Public Media Tell It Like It Is?
Nov. 24 Ambassador Itzhak Rubin Israel Today
Nov. 17 Roy Innis Community Self-Determination- And Alternative to Chaos
Nov. 10 Seymour M. Lipset Student Power Throughout the World
Nov. 3 Max Lerner The Presidential Battle
Oct. 28 Reverand Wiliam S. Coffin Is Civil Disobedience Justified?
Oct. 20 Dick Gregory Black Power and Civil Rights
Oct. 13 Elliot Norton, Deac Rossell, Percy Shain, Michael Steinberg Do the Lively Arts Reflect Today’s Society?
Oct. 6 David Schoenbrun The United States and Vietnam
Sep. 29 William F. Buckley, Jr. How Are We Doing?


Apr. 30 Ambassador Edwin O. Reischauer Japan and the Future of Asia
Apr. 23 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Other America
Apr. 16 Ayn Rand The Wreckage of Consensus
Apr. 9 Dr. Graham B. Blaine, Jr. Drugs, Activism, and the New Morality- and the Younger Generation
Apr. 2 George Bennett, Melvin Kin, and Sanford Kravitz The Anti-Poverty Programs: Success or Failure?
Mar. 26 Dr. Harry Schwartz The New Triangle of World Politics: Washington- Moscow- Peking
Mar. 19 Whitney M. Young, Jr. From Pledge to Performance in Civil Rights
Mar. 12 Barbara Tuchman Is History a Guide to the Future?


Dec. 18 General Lewis B. Hershey Our Draft Laws- Fair or Unjust?
Dec. 11 Herbert Aptheker and I. Milton Sacks The United States in Vietnam: An Appraisal
Dec. 4 Adam Yarmolinsky The Role of Military Power in American Foreign Policy?
Nov. 27 Rabbi Eugene B. Borowitz and Harvey G. Cox Is God Dead?
Nov. 20 Wayne L. Morse Does the United States Have a Foreign Policy
Nov. 13 James Meredith Racial Peace in America
Nov. 6 James A. Wechsler and Thomas Winship Political Realignments of the Day: The National Scene, the Local Scene
Oct. 30 Howard Nemerov A Reading of Poems and Commentary
Oct. 23 Vincent L. Broderick Are We Pampering Our Criminals?
Oct. 16 Stokely Carmichael Black Power?
Oct. 9 Saul D. Alinsky The Politics of Poverty
Oct. 2 Max Lerner American Civilization: Is It Healthy or Sick?


Apr. 4 Noel A. Day Education for All Boston’s Children


Dec. 7 S.L.A. Marshall Hot and Cold Wars Around the World: From Israel to Vietnam
Nov. 22 James Farmer New Trends in the Civil Rights Struggle
Apr. 12 Margaret Mead
Apr. 5 Ayn Rand
Mar. 25 Hannah Arendt


Dec. 15 John Rock, M.D. Personal Morality Under Dictatorship
Dec. 8 John Kenneth Galbraith Sex, Science, and Theology vs. Growth Rates
Dec. 1 Edward W. Brooke and Paul T. Smith India and the Politics of Privation
Nov. 24 Fulton Lewis III vs. James A. Burkhart The Campus Generation, Right of Left?
Nov. 17 Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Hechinger Teen-Age Tyranny
Nov. 10 Max Lerner What Are they To Us?
Nov. 3 Clifford P. Case Congress and Congressional Reform
Oct. 27 Dwight MacDonald Mass Culture: Threat or Promise to America?
Oct. 20 Vance Packard America in Upheaval- The Seven Great Changes of Out Time
Oct. 13 James Farmer The Civil Rights Revolution
Oct. 6 Malcolm X God’s Solution to America’s Race Problem
Sep. 29 Robert S. John Ever-changing Africa


Nov. 4 Robert Welch A Brief Introduction to the John Birch Society
Oct. 15 Roscoe Drummond Explosive South America: Democracy, Communism or Fascism?
Apr. 29 Philip M. Klutznick The United Nation- Is Prospects
Apr. 22 Jose Figueres
Apr. 15 Walter D. Barton, M.D. and Arthur F. Valenstein, M.D. New Frontiers in Psychiatry
Apr. 8 Rabbi Roland B. Gittelsohn and Reverand Francis J. Lally Public Money and Private Schools
Mar. 25 Miso Pavicevic Yugoslavia’s Position in World Affairs
Mar. 18 Ambassador Herve Alphand France and World Affairs
Mar. 11 Max Lerner America and World Politics


Dec. 17 Ayn Rand America’s Persecuted Minority: Big Business
Dec. 10 Samuel Z. Klausner Understanding Our Loves and Hates
Dec. 3 Robert Frost An Evening with Robert Frost
Nov. 26 Robert C. Weaver The Urban Frontier
Nov. 19 Maurice Hindus The 22nd Soviet Congress- Khrushchev’s Triumphs and Failures
Nov. 12 Dr. Linus Pauling The Significance of the Bomb-test Negations
Nov. 5 Margaret Mead Why Can’t We Communicate with the Soviets
Oct. 29 D. Eric Lincoln and Arnold Forester The Black Muslim Movement and the John Birch Society
Oct. 22 Elliot L. Richardson, Arnold M. Soloway, and Charles L. Whipple Corruption in Massachusetts
Oct. 15 Ogen R. Reid Israel and the Middle East
Oct. 8 Dr. Ralph E. Lapp Nuclear Risks and the Race for Outer Space
Oct. 1 William L. Shirer Russia and Germany- Keys of the Future
Apr. 30 Norman Cousins In Place of Nuclear Folly
Apr. 23 Dr. Clemens E. Benda and Lawrence K. Frank Beyond Freud: New Frontiers in Psychiatry
Apr. 16 Vance Packard Waste Makers
Apr. 12 Ambassador Wilhelm G. Grewe Germany as a Democracy
Apr. 9 W.C. Naude South Africa Today
Apr. 2 E. Vincent Askey, M.D. and Charles I. Schottland Medical Care for the Age- How and What?
Mar. 26 Ayn Rand The Intellectual Bankruptcy of Our Age
Mar. 19 Ambassador Mahomedali Currim Chagla India Today


>Is America Facing World Leadership?
Dec. 18 Earl Browder Can Communism Exist Independent of Russia
Dec. 11 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Future of Integration
Dec. 4 Robert Frost An Evening with Robert Frost
Nov. 27 Owen Lattimore and Lord Lindsay of Birker The United States, The United Nations, and China
Nov. 20 Ambassador Avraham Harman Israel’s Future in the Middle East
Nov. 13 Eleanore Roosevelt
Nov. 6 Dr. Margaret Mead In School or Out: Apathy vs. Dependency
Oct. 30 Dr. Armando Chardiet and William Worthy Can We Stop the Russians in Cuba?
Oct. 23 Helen Gahagan Douglas Ethics in Political Campaigns
Oct. 16 Dr. Max Lerner Who Will Win the Presidency?
Oct. 9 Dr. Harold Taylor Education in a New Age
Oct. 2 Musa Amalemba Africa’s March Toward Independence
May 1 Ben C. Limb Can Democracy Win in Asia- and the Meaning of Coexistence
Apr. 24 Dr. Joachim Prinz The German Dilemma: An Analysis of Anti-Semitism and Neo-Nazism in Present-Day Germany
Apr. 17 James C. Buchnan Why Fidel Castro’s I.O.U.s Are Coming Due
Apr. 10 Senator William Proxmire Issues in the 1960 Presidential Campaign
Apr. 3 David Susskind Television: Wonderland or Blunderland
Mar. 27 Henry A. Wallace The Long Look Ahead
Mar. 20 C. Northcote Parkinson Parkinson’s Law
Mar. 13 Mikhail N. Smirnovsky The Soviet Union and Its Foreign Policy
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