Dec. 13 Vance Packard Status Seeking- An America Disease
Dec. 6 E. Clifton Daniel and Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. The Soviet Union’s Position as a World Power- An Assessment
Nov. 29 Dr. Henry A. Kissinger The United States’ Position as a World Power- An Assessment
Nov. 22 Dr. Rufus E. Clement Educational Integration in the South
Nov. 8 Dr. J. B. Rhine Atoms for Peace
Nov. 8 Dr. J. B. Rhine What Can Science Do With Psychic Experiences?
Nov. 1 Margaret Mead Our Low Level of Goodness
Oct. 25 Dore Schary Reflections and Reminiscences on the Theatre, Movies, and TV
Oct. 18 Harold E. Clancy and James A. Wechsler Nixon as President: Statesman or Politician?
Oct. 11 Robert Frost An Evening with Robert Frost
Oct. 4 Averell Harriman Peace with Russia?
Apr. 26 Paul M. Butler Human Rights for All Americans
Apr. 19 Ambassador Daniel Chapman Ghana’s Role in the New Africa
Apr. 12 James B. Carey The McClellan Committee- Threat or Help to the Labor Movement
Apr. 5 Robert St. John War and Peace in the Middle East
Mar. 29 Reverand Robert F. Drinan, S.J. and Leo Pfeffer The Rights of Parents Under Our American Educational System
Mar. 22 Justine Wise Polier and Norman Thomas Israel’s Immigration Policy as it Affects the Arab States
Mar. 15 Frederic Wertham, M.D. Psychological Danger Signs in Modern Youth
Mar. 8 Dr. Henry A. Kissinger Problems of American Foreign Policy
Mar. 1 Ashley Montagu A Scientist Looks at Love


Dec. 14 Max Lerner Is American Civilization on the Decline?
Dec. 7 Norman Cousins The War Against Man
Nov. 30 Edward Bennett Williams The Supreme Court Under Fire and American Civil Liberties: An Inventory for 1958
Nov. 23 William Worthy My Trip to Red China
Nov. 16 Linus Pauling Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear War
Nov. 9 Dr. Margaret Mead Are Americans All Conformists?
Nov. 2 Oscar Handlin and Gerald W. Johnson Can a Catholic Be Elected President of the United States?
Oct. 26 Robert Frost An Evening with Robert Frost
Oct. 19 Dr. Henry Steele Commager The Danger of Nationalism in our Time
Oct. 12 Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. America’s Future Perils and Promises
Oct. 5 Hanson Baldwin Dangers from the Middle East and Far East
Apr. 27 Dr. Margaret Mead Sex Freedom and Responsibility
Apr. 20 Dr. Fredric Wertham The Uses and Abuses of Psychiatry
Apr. 13 Vance Packard the Hidden Persuaders
Apr. 6 Arkady A. Sobolev Peaceful Coexistence between the USSR and the USA
Mar. 30 Harry Schwartz How Strong in World Communism
Mar. 16 Robert St. John Explosive Africa- Land of Hope
Mar. 9 Owen Lattimore America’s Problems in Asia- Old and New
Mar. 2 Roy Wilkinds Disfranchisement of the Negro and Its Effects on National Policy


Dec. 15 William F. Buckley, Jr. and James A. Wechsler Can Conservatism Serve America?
Dec. 8 Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam Fighting Communism with Principle
Dec. 1 Ralph J. Bunche The UN Peace Effort in the Near East
Nov. 24 John Gates and Granville Hicks Has U.S. Communism a Future?
Nov. 17 Abba Eban Alliances in the Middle East
Nov. 10 Robert Frost An Evening with Robert Frost
Nov. 3 Robert F. Drinan Divorce in a Materialistic Society
Oct. 27 Max Lerner Roads of Destiny for America
Oct. 20 James L. O’Dea, Jr. and Dr. Miriam Van Waters How to Handle Sex Offenders
Oct. 13 Dr. J. B. Rhine Life After Death?- The Search for Proof
Oct. 6 V.K. Krishna Menon India and the United Nations
Apr. 28 Aaron Copland Music in Contemporary Life
Apr. 21 Sidney Hook The Fifth Amendment- Freedom and Security
Apr. 14 Barlett H. Hayes, Jr., Paul Sample, and Mitchell Siporin The Public and Modern Art
Apr. 7 Wilbur J. Bender and Dr. J. Paul Mather Our Crowded Colleges and Your Child’s Future
Mar. 31 Dr. Walter G. Muelder and Elizabeth R. Zetzel, M.D. Middle Age: Its Problems and Its Challenge
Mar. 24 Dr. Paul J. Tillich Is There a Real Religious Revival?
Mar. 17 Louis Fischer Eye-Witness Report 2: Satellites in Revolt
Mar. 10 Henry M. Jackson Eye-Witness Report 1: The Russian Dilemma


Dec. 23 Joseph C. Harsch Europe and Middle East Turmoil
Dec. 16 Rudolph Elie, Jr. Eye-Witness Report: life and Art in Russia
Dec. 9 Santha Rama Rau India: Ten Years of Independence
Dec. 2 Howard Fast and Norman Thomas Changes in the Soviet System: Real or Imagined?
Nov. 25 Dr. Robert M. Hutchins The State of Liberty
Nov. 18 J.B. Rhine Telepathy, Clairvoyance: Exploring Unknown Powers of the Mind
Nov. 11 Margaret Mead Women: A Single Look at the Double Standard
Nov. 4 Max Lerner Who Will Win ’56?
Oct. 28 Martin Luther King A Realistic Look at Race Relations
Oct. 21 Gilbert Selds and Irving Howe Hollywood, Radio, and TV: What Is Our Mass Culture Doing to Us?
Oct. 14 Lawrence H. Fuchs and William E. Mullins Race and Religion in the Ballot Box
Oct. 7 Drew Pearson Confidential Washington
Mar. 25 Roy Wilkins Desegregation: The American Dilemma


Dec. 4 Robert Frost An Evening of Poetry


Mar. 28 Eleanore Roosevelt The United States and World Leadership


Mar. 22 Harold Clurman The Contemporary Scene in the American Theatre
Mar. 15 Scott Nearing and Wilfred May Can We Do Business with Stalin?
Mar. 8 Dr. Miriam Van Waters
Mar. 1 Leland Stowe Conquest by Terror
Feb. 22 Walter Reuther Freedom Must Take the Offensive
Feb. 15 Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam The American Stake in the Asian Revolution
Feb. 8 McGeorge Bundy and Mark DeWolfe Howe The Eisenhower Administration- Hopes and Fears
Feb. 1 Thurgood Marshall Civil Rights and World Peace
Jan. 18 Hans Simons Domestic Issues Under the New Administration
Jan. 11 Rabbi Israel J. Kazis What Keeps Judaism Alive?
Jan. 4 Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. What is the Future of Liberalism


Dec. 13 Vincent Sheean Asia and the Middle East
Dec. 7 Frederick L. Schuman Why World War 3 Will Never Be Fought
Nov. 30 Norman Thomas vs. William McGovern Our Foreign Policy- Right or Wrong?
Nov. 23 Eduard C. Lindeman Why more People Need More Help
Nov. 16 William L. Shirer Threats to World Peace: The Problem of Russia and Germany
Nov. 9 Prof. and Mrs. Harry A. Overstreet Our Basic Psychological Needs
Nov. 2 Max Lerner Men and Issues in the Election
Apr. 6 Herbert Philbrick Dishonest Communists vs. Honest Liberals
Mar. 30 Dr. Harold C. Case American Public Schools Under Attack
Mar. 23 Rabbi Norman Gerstenfeld History and Covenant- America Faces the Future
Mar. 16 Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam Is Freedom of the Pulpit and of the Classroom in Danger?
Mar. 9 Merryle Stanley Rukeyser vs. Norman Thomas Is Socialism the Best Answer to Communism?
Mar. 2 Senator Estes Kefauver Modernizing Congress for a Democratic World
Feb. 24 Judge William H. Hastie Our Rationalizations of Racism
Feb. 17 Maurice Hindus Iran and the Middle East: The Coming Battle with Russia
Feb. 10 Leo M. Cherne vs. Scott Nearing Can Our Democracy Meet the Challenge of Socialism in Europe and Asia?
Feb. 3 Lillian Smith The Unanswered Question
Jan. 27 Lawrence Dennis vs. J. Raymond Walsh Would Peace Threaten Our Economy
Jan. 20 Jerome Davis vs. John Scott Is Revolution Inside Russia Possible or Likely?
Jan. 13 Paul H. Douglas Inflation and the Federal Budget
Jan. 6 Rear Admiral Ellis M. Zacharias, U.S.N. vs. Cecil Brown Are We Really Stopping Russia?


Dec. 16 Houston Peterson vs. Eric Mann Are We Educating for Today’s Realities?
Dec. 9 Alexander P. DeSeversky Air Power: Key to Survival
Dec. 2 William L. Shirer The World Today
Nov. 25 Marguerite “Maggie” Higgins On the Rim of the Iron Curtain
Nov. 18 Charles Phelps Taft Moral Foundations of Government
Nov. 11 Robert A. Vogeler 17 Months of Despair
Nov. 4 Max Lerner The Battle of Ideas
Apr. 15 Dr. Archibald MacLeish A Faith for Liberals
Apr. 8 Dr. Ralph J. Bunche The United Nations and the Prospects for Peace
Apr. 1 Abba Eban Social and Cultural Problems of the Near East
Mar. 25 Prof. Kirtley F. Mather Civil Liberties in a Time of National Danger
Mar. 18 Leo M. Cherne Is World War 3 About to Begin?
Mar. 11 Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam It is American! And It Is Good!
Mar. 4 F. Alexander Magoun A Look Inside Behavior
Feb. 25 William Henry Chamberlin How We Lost the Peace
Feb. 18 Harry D. Gideonse Foreign Policy- Design for Drift?
Feb. 11 Judge William H. Hastie Uncle Same and His Overseas Possessions
Feb. 4 Prof. O. Glenn Saxon and J. Raymond Walsh Is a Mixed Economy Good for the Country?
Jan. 28 Eduard C. Lindeman The Human Welfare State
Jan. 21 Houston Peterson The Red Herring, the Scapegoat and Other Distractions
Jan. 14 George Hamiliton Combs and Scott Nearing Can We Avid Boom or Bust Under Our Economy?
Jan. 7 William L. Shirer Our Struggle for Survival


Dec. 24 Dr. Nicholas Nyaradi Is Russia Ready for the Final Showdown?
Dec. 17 Dr. Charles Francis Potter Is Psychology Replacing Theology?
Dec. 10 Dr. Eric Mann and Captain Maurice Witherspoon Should We Rebuild a Strong Germany?
Dec. 3 M.J. Coldwell, M.P. The Meaning of Democratic Socialism
Nov. 26 Rabbi Abraham J. Klausner Religion Without God
Nov. 19 Erwin D. Canham Is the American Press Really Free?
Nov. 12 Hamilton Fish and Kurt D. Singer Is there Political Hysteria in America?
Nov. 5 David Bradley No Place to Hide
Oct. 29 Pres. Leonard Carmichael Is Reading Old-Fashioned?
Oct. 22 Mortimer J. Adler The Tragic Nature of Human Happiness
Oct. 15 Max Lerner A Free Man’s Creed
Apr. 16 Cecil Brown Crossfire in Europe
Apr. 9 Merle Miller The Myth that Threatens the World
Apr. 2 James F. Bender Psychology of Maturity
Mar. 26 Walter White Color Lin Across the lobe
Mar. 19 John Hayes Holmes The Heritage of Stephen S. Wise
Mar. 12 Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam Is the Reunion of the Churches Desirable and Possible?
Mar. 5 John Scott Freedom or Slavery in Europe
Feb. 26 Maurice Hindus Communism’s Failure in Europe
Feb. 19 Prof. Kirtley F. Mather Individual Freedom and National Security
Feb. 12 Bartley C. Crum and Samuel Guy Inman Internationalization of Jerusalem: Is It Dangerous? Is It Necessary?
Feb. 5 Leo M. Cherne and O. John Rogge Is American Foreign Policy Best Calculated to Produce Peace?
Jan. 29 Dr. John F. Colin and Dr. Channing Frothingham Why Should Organized Medicine Oppose Compulsory Health Insurance?
Jan. 22 Louis Fischer What Can I Do
Jan. 15 Reverend Michael J. Ahern, S.J. Euthanasia: Is Merciful Release Wrong? “Yes”
Jan. 8 Dr. Charles Francis Potter Euthanasia: Is Merciful Release Wrong? “No”
Jan. 1 Dr. Murray Banks How to Build a Happy Life in the Year Ahead
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