Dec. 18 Dr. Abraham J. Klausner The Nature of Tyranny and the Quality of Religion
Dec. 11 Pierre Van Paassen There Is Still Time
Dec. 4 Robert St. John A New Nation is Born
Nov. 27 Jerome Davis and Benjamin Gitlow Does Communism Threaten Our America Way of Life?
Nov. 20 Vincent Sheean Beyond Bread
Nov. 13 Wing-tsit Chan The Real Issue in China
Nov. 6 Clarence A. Barnes and Arthur Garfield Hays What is Un-American
Oct. 30 Dr. Murray Banks Making the Most of What You’ve Got
Oct. 23 Prof. and Mrs. Harry A. Overstreet Understanding the Motives of Men
Oct. 16 Max Lerner What I Saw in Europe and Israel
Apr. 10 Dr. Miriam Van Waters The Women Offender in Massachusetts
Apr. 3 Leo M. Cherne Authority in an Unbelieving World
Mar. 27 Stephen S. Wise My Challenging Years: A Seventy-Fifth Birthday Anniversary Address
Mar. 20 Dr. Oscar Junek Fads, Superstitions and Tabus
Mar. 13 Dr. Reinhold Niebuhr The Responsibilities of America Power in the World Community
Mar. 6 Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam Religious and Moral Forces in the Contemporary Crisis
Feb. 27 David Seabury The Secret of Unhappiness
Feb. 20 Dorcas Palmer and David Seabury Can Men and Women Understand Each Other?
Feb. 13 Dr. Mordcai W. Johnson Democracy and Communism: The Decisive Role of Moral Energy
Feb. 6 Freda Utley Why I Ceased to be a Communist
Jan. 30 Maurice Hindus Russia’s Great Mistake
Jan. 23 Dr. Abram Leon Sachar Education for Civilized Living
Jan. 16 Joseph Dunner Palestine- An Adventure in Peace-Making
Jan. 9 Kirtley F. Mather The Treat to Freedom in the United States
Jan. 2 Robert Nathan A New New Deal?


Dec. 26 Dr. Murray Banks How to Live With Yourself
Dec. 19 Henry C. Wolfe The Enduring Crisis
Dec. 12 John J. Wright Catholicism in American Tradition
Dec. 5 Jason Mason Brown Seeing Things
Nov. 28 Jerome Davis and Felix Wittmer Can We Get Along with Russia
Nov. 21 Dr. James Bender How to Get Along With Others
Nov. 14 Carey McWilliams Tyranny Has No Permanent Address’
Nov. 7 Kurt Singer Gravediggers of Democracy
Oct. 31 Stuart Chase Boom or Bust? Can We Smooth Out the Business Cycle?
Oct. 24 General John H. Hilldring The Through About the Potsdam Agreement
Oct. 17 Max Lerner What Can a Liberal Do?
Mar. 21 Leo Cherne Keys to Our Confusion
Mar. 14 David Seabury Sense and Nonsense in Psychology
Mar. 7 Norman Thomas and Kurt Singer Socialism vs. Liberalism
Feb. 29 Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam
Feb. 15 Dr. Stephen S. Wise
Feb. 8 Maurice Hindus
Feb. 1 Dr. Mordcai W. Johnson
Jan. 25 Anna L. Strong A Year with the Chinese Communists
Jan. 18 Henry C. Wolfe Germany- Where Russia Meets the West
Jan. 11 Kirtley F. Mather As Others See Us- Report from Europe, 1947
Jan. 4 Prof. and Mrs. Harry A. Overstreet Our Next Civilizing Idea


Dec. 28 Robert Nathan The Outlook for 1948
Dec. 21 Leland Stowe While Time Remains
Dec. 14 Saul Padover Can Palestine Solve the Jewish Problem?
Dec. 7 Oscar W. Junek Why do Human Beings Act the Way They Do?
Nov. 30 Dr. George Lawton How do Keep Mentally Young
Nov. 23 Lewis Browne What’s Wrong with Hollywood?
Nov. 16 Quincy Howe The Soviet-American Futurem
Nov. 9 Robert St. John What in the Truth About Yugoslavia?
Nov. 2 Roger Baldwin Democracy vs. Communism in the Far East
Oct. 26 Charles Luckman America Unlimited
Oct. 19 Max Lerner Where is America heading
May 15 Eleanore Roosevelt George Coleman’s 80th birthday banquet
Mar. 30 Maurice Hindus No War With Russia
Mar. 23 Wayne L. Morse Politics: In Theory and Practice
Mar. 16 Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. Sizing up our Presidents
Mar. 9 Ellis G. Arnall Whose Country is This, Anyway?
Mar. 2 Helen Gahagan Douglas United Nations: The Hope of the Word
Feb. 23 David Seabury How to Live While Neurotic
Feb. 16 Captain Harry M. Sperber Better Watch German
Feb. 9 Dr. Mordcai W. Johnson Binding up the Nation’s Wounds
Feb. 2 Reverand George B. Ford Some Problems the Home Front Must Solve
Jan. 26 Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam Must We Fight a Third World War?
Jan. 19 Eugene O’Neill, Jr. What Is Wrong With American Education
Jan. 12 Prof. and Mrs. Harry A. Overstreet Adjusting Ourselves to This New Age
Jan. 5 Erika Mann The Challenge of Tomorrow


Dec. 29 Rabbi Roland G. Gittelsohn What Jews Ask of Their Christian Neighbors
Dec. 22 Robert Nathan The Economic Outlook for 1947
Dec. 15 Robert St. John Are We Supporting Fascists?
Dec. 8 Langston Hughs Are We Solving Our Own Race Problems?
Dec. 1 Carey McWilliams Racial Minorities in America
Nov. 24 Lewis Browne What’s Happening to This Believing World?
Nov. 17 Edgar Ansel Mowre Cards Not Seen on the Table
Nov. 10 Albert E. Kahn and Leo M. Cherne Can There be Peace Between Liberalism and Communism?
Nov. 3 Bernard J. Sheil Free Men in a Free World
Oct. 27 Hallett Abend and William Mandel Is Russia a Force for Peace?
Oct. 20 Max Lerner America and the Crisis of our Time: Plan or Perish
Mar. 31 Dr. Louis Berg Why We Misbehave Like Human Beings
Mar. 24 Helen Gahagan Douglas The World- the Corner Drug Store
Mar. 17 Samuel Guy Inman Argentine Fascism Challenges Democracy
Mar. 10 Wilhelm Solzbacher A Catholic Looks at his Protestant and Jewish Neighbors
Mar. 3 Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam Is the Kingdom of God on Earth a Realizable Ideal?
Feb. 24 Prof. and Mrs. Harry A. Overstreet What Prejudice Does to the Prejudiced
Feb. 17 Leo Cherne A portfolio of Political Prophecies
Feb. 10 Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. The Liberal Tradition in America
Feb. 3 Maurice Hindus Russia Today and Tomorrow
Jan. 27 I. F. Stone Europe’s Jews- Forgotten Men of Victory
Jan. 20 Stephen S. Wise Palestine, England, Jews, Arabs
Jan. 13 Thomas H. Eliot and Saul Wallen Industrial Peace or Industrial Warfare
Jan. 6 Agnes Smedley The Struggle for Democracy in China


Dec. 30 Robert Nathan The Economic Outlook for 1946
Dec. 23 Harry Wald Finishing the Fight Against Fascism
Dec. 16 Herbert Gezork What’s Going On in Germany
Dec. 9 John M. Maki The Reorientation of Japan: Whose Responsibility?
Dec. 2 Stephen Osusky The Influence of Stalin’s Doctrine of Nationality on Small Slav Nations
Nov. 25 Louis Fischer America, the Atomic Bomb, and Russia
Nov. 18 Lewis Browne What Are the American Fascists?
Nov. 11 Will Durant What Are the Lessons of History
Nov. 4 H. R. Knickerbocker America’s Tomorrow
Oct. 28 Stuart Chase Full Employment and the Pressure Groups
Oct. 21 Cecil Brown The Road Ahead- Winning the Peace
Oct. 14 Robert St. John Can We Avoid World War 3
Apr. 8 Maurice Hindus Russia- Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Mar. 25 S. Ralph Harlow and Khalil Totah Is Zionism Fair to the Arabs?
Mar. 18 Rayford W. Logan What the Negro Wants
Mar. 11 Lillian Smith Today’s Children and Their Tomorrow
Mar. 4 John Hayes Holmes Shall We Conscript America?
Feb. 25 James Waterman Wise Freedom from Hate: How to Achieve It
Feb. 18 Erika Mann A Pacifist at War: Is There a Contradiction?
Feb. 11 Carey McWilliams A Practical Program for the Solution of America’s Race Problem
Feb. 4 William Henry Chamberlin The Revolt Against Civilization
Jan. 28 Ray Josephs Postwar Powder Keg- Argentina
Jan. 21 Jerome Davis Why Russia Won
Jan. 14 Herbert Gezork Are We Losing the War on the Racial Front?
Jan. 7 Cecil Brown The Crises in the War and Peace


Dec. 31 Prof. and Mrs. Harry A. Overstreet New Minds are in the Making
Dec. 24 Paul Hagen How to Destroy Nazism Forever
Dec. 17 Wing-Tsit Chan Is China One of the Big Four?
Dec. 10 Jay Allen The Peace is Yours
Dec. 3 Lewis Browne Can We Afford Nationalism Any Longer?
Nov. 26 Andrew Michalopoulos The Great Democrats and the Smaller Nations
Nov. 19 Marquis W. Childs Washington Undercover
Nov. 12 Ernestine Freud What Makes the German People ‘Tick’?
Nov. 5 Stephen S. Wise Why the President will be Chosen Again on Tuesday
Oct. 29 John F. Cronin Melting Pot for Civil War?
Oct. 22 Paul Manning Paul Manning Reporting
Oct. 15 Louis Fischer The Fight for Peace
Apr. 2 Olin Downes Music and the Changing Social Order
Mar. 29 Henry Shapiro Latest Word From the Russian Front
Mar. 19 Rabbi Stephen S. Wise and Rabbi Joshua Loth Liebman
Mar. 12 Joseph Dunner Can We Re-Educate the Axis People?
Mar. 5 John Haynes Holmes The Riddle of Russia
Feb. 27 Clyde R. Miller Prejudice Is a Disease: It CAN be Cured
Feb. 20 Harlow Shapley Contribution of Science to Internationalism
Feb. 13 Dr. Mordcai W. Johnson The Negro and Out National Destiny
Feb. 6 Hans Kohn 1944: A Turning Point in History
Jan. 30 Prof. Carl J. Friedrich Palestine and Peace: Problems of Foreign Policy
Jan. 23 Rollo Walter Brown A World We Can Create
Jan. 16 Natalie Aszkenazy A Woman Diplomat in Russia
Jan. 9 Emil Ludwig What Sort of Peace Shall We Write with Germany?
Jan. 2 Max Lerner The Revolution of Our Time


Dec. 26 Albert E. Wiggam Problems of the Middle Aged
Dec. 19 Count Byron De Prorok Free France Fights on Africa
Dec. 12 Haridas T. Muzumdar India and Palestine: The United Nations’ Dilemma
Dec. 2 Ella Winter Our Children in Wartime
Nov. 28 Louis Fischer What Are Russia’s War Aims?
Nov. 21 Prof. Frederick L. Schuman New World Order of New World War?
Nov. 14 Hallet Abend Will Japan Commit Hari-kari?
Nov. 7 Wilhelm Solzbacher Occupied Europe Resists
Oct. 31 Jay Allen Will Victory Mean Peace?
Oct. 24 Max Lerner America, America!
Oct. 17 Thomas Mann The Order of the Day
Apr. 4 Stephen S. Wise The Tragedy of Conflicting Loyalties
Mar. 28 Herbert Black Headlines, Frontlines, and Homeliness
Mar. 21 Dr. Mordcai W. Johnson The American Negro and the Present Crisis
Mar. 14 Maurice Hindus What I Saw in Russia
Mar. 7 John Haynes Holmes There Can Be No Peace Unless…..
Feb. 28 Lewis Browne What Can the Jews Do About It?
Feb. 21 Charles Brooke Elliot, Anup Singh What Can Be Done About India?- British and Indian Points of View
Feb. 14 Irving Stone Darrow: Great American Rebel
Feb. 7 Wilhelm Solzbacher Christian, Jew, and Pagans in Hitler’s New Order
Jan. 31 Harry A. Overstreet What Kind of War is This?
Jan. 24 Sigrid Schultz Women Nazis are the Worst
Jan. 17 Ely Cubertson A Blue Print for World Peace
Jan. 10 Prof. Frederick L. Schuman The Strategy of Victory
Jan. 3 Max Lerner Looking Towards 1944


Dec. 20 Pierre Van Paassen Today’s War and Tomorrow’s Peace
Dec. 13 Louis Adamic Tolerance is not Enough
Dec. 6 Louis Fischer At Home with Gandhi
Nov. 29 Helen Kirkpatrick Ireland and the War
Nov. 22 Prof. Carl J. Friedrich The New Belief in the Common Man
Nov. 15 Colonel Carlos P. Romulo The War in the Pacific Today
Nov. 8 Ralph Bates Need We Fear Russia?
Nov. 1 Max Lerner What the Young Men Want
Oct. 25 Martin Agronsky As I Saw the Australian Front
Oct. 18 Walter Duranty What Makes Russians Fight
Mar. 29 Edward Tomlinson The Americas Unite
Mar. 22 Joshua Loth Liebman How to Remain Normal in Abnormal Times
Mar. 15 Lawrence Dennis and Frederick I. Schuman How Can We Win the Peace?
Mar. 8 Fulton Oursler The Enemy Within
Mar. 1 John Haynes Holmes Dangers That Beset Us Now
Mar. 1 Hannah L. Goldberg Ford Hall Folks Business Meeting, review Pearl Buck’s “Dragon Seed”
Feb. 22 Lewis Browne What Went Wrong With Our Civilization?
Feb. 15 Carl R. Friedrich Not Wanted: A Ministry of Propaganda
Feb. 8 Pierre Van Paassen The Conquest of the Twentieth Century
Feb. 1 Harry A. Overstreet Getting Ready for Peace When It Comes
Jan. 25 Rockwell Kent This Is My Own…
Jan. 18 Herbert Agar America’s Responsibility Today
Jan. 11 Elissa Landi The Theatre Today
Jan. 4 Vincent Sheean The War in the Far East


Dec. 28 John T. Whitaker Where the War Will Be Won
Dec. 21 Jay Allen and Louis Fischer The Shape of Things to Come
Dec. 14 Max Lerner and Norman Thomas Facing This Crisis Realistically
Dec. 7 Prof. Frederick L. Schuman Who Shall Inherit the Earth?
Nov. 30 Stuart Chase The End of an Epoch
Nov. 23 Louis Bromfield What the Economic and Social Future Holds for Us
Nov. 16 Erskine Caldwell What I Have Just Seen in Russia
Nov. 9 Stephen S. Wise Where Are Prophet and Prophecy Safe?
Nov. 2 H. R. Knickerbocker America’s Role in the World Crisis
Oct. 25 Max Lerner A Fighting Faith for America
Oct. 19 Douglas Miller, Jr. You Can’t Do Business with Hitler
Apr. 13 William Shirier
Apr. 6 John Haynes Holmes
Apr. 1 Forum Players From the Dawn of Sword’
Mar. 30 Jay Allen We Can Win This War: Democracy in Not Done For
Mar. 23 Reverand Francis X. Talbot Our Liberty and Liberties
Mar. 16 Hubert Herring Latin America, Germany, and the United States
Mar. 11 Hannah L. Goldberg Book Review-‘Oliver Wiswell’
Mar. 9 Lewis Browne What Will Become of the Jews
Mar. 2 Harry A. Overstreet If Free Minds are the Remain Free
Mar. 2 Josephn Hanc Ford Hall Folks Business Meeting, Hitler’s Protection
Feb. 23 Harry Wald After Hitler- What?
Feb. 16 Dr. Chao-Ting Chi New Developments in China’s War of Resistance
Feb. 9 Rabbi Joshua Loth Liebman Psychoanalyzing Anti-Semitism
Feb. 2 Sir Norman Angell What Should the Pacifist Do?
Jan. 26 Herbert Agar America’s Responsibility in the Present Crisis
Jan. 19 Howard Pierce Davis Adventure in Diagnosis
Jan. 12 Will Durant A Blue Print For Better America
Jan. 5 John Erskine This Is a Good Time to Live


Dec. 29 Madame Genevieve Tabouis How France Collapsed
Dec. 22 Louis Fischer Winners and Losers in the War
Dec. 15 Vincent Sheean As the Scene Changes
Dec. 8 Max Lerner Ideas Are Weapons
Dec. 1 Prof. Frederick L. Schuman The Diplomacy of Nemesis
Nov. 24 Edmond Taylor The Fifth Column in America: How Can We Fight It?
Nov. 17 Pierre Van Paassen Ideologies and the War
Nov. 10 Stephen S. Wise Why Our Country, for the First Time, Elected a Third Term President
Nov. 3 H. R. Knickerbocker At the Ringside of History
Oct. 27 Maurice Hindus Russia and Germany Must Fight
Oct. 20 Bertrand Russell and George E. Sokolsky Education for Democracy
Apr. 21 Youth Forum What Shall Youth Do About the Older Generation?
Apr. 14 Abba Hillel Silver The Freedom of Races and Minorities
Apr. 10 Forum Players Three one-act plays
Apr. 7 Dr. George W. Coleman My Trip to South America
Apr. 7 John Haynes Holmes Did Russia Sell Us Out?
Mar. 31 James Waterman Wise Mr. Smith, Meet Mr. Cohen…
Mar. 24 Prof. Mortimer J. Adler The Questions Science Cannot Answer
Mar. 17 Prof. Frederick L. Schuman America’s Stake in the War
Mar. 10 Lewis Browne Where Will the World Go From Here?
Mar. 3 Dr. Samuel M. Lindsay Merchants of Hatred- Coughlin, Pelley and Company
Feb. 25 Cornelius Vanderbilt Christianity or Chaos
Feb. 18 President Frank Kingdon Group Relations in a Democracy
Feb. 11 Jay Allen Propaganda in the News and How to Spot It
Feb. 4 Harry D. Gideonse They New Liberalism
Jan. 28 Reverand Father E.F. Murphy, S.S.J. Catholicism and Democracy
Jan. 21 Maurice Hindus Stalin and Hitler- Friends or Enemies?
Jan. 14 Prof. Harry A. Overstreet Progress in the American Way
Jan. 7 Louis K. Anspacher What Kind of a World is Being Born?
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