Dec. 24 Dr. Emmanuel Chapman The False Front of Christian America
Dec. 17 Hamilton Fish and Norman Thomas Can Private Business Unaided by War Trade Restore Prosperity to America?
Dec. 10 Louis Fischer Moscow- The Dangerous Enigma
Dec. 3 Max Lerner Democracy as a Weapon
Nov. 26 Professor Moritz J. Bonn The Economy of Nazism
Nov. 19 Herbert Agar The Press and the War
Nov. 12 Abbe Ernest Dimnet The Everlasting European Crisis Explained
Nov. 5 Stephen S. Wise The World Conflict and the Jewish Problem
Oct. 29 William Patrick Hitler What the German People Are Thinking
Oct. 22 Rabbi Joshua Loth Liebman The Challenge of the World Today
Oct. 14 Vincent Sheean Personal Opinion: Can America Remain Neutral?
Apr. 30 Youth Forum Youth Asks For Information Please
Apr. 25 Hannah L. Goldberg Book Review
Apr. 23 Reverand Dr. Walton E. Cole Father Coughlin As Propagandist
Apr. 16 Bertrand Russell Why I Am Neither Fascist Nor Communist
Apr. 9 Robert Strausz-Hupe Can Hitler Be Stopped?
Apr. 6 Nor All They Threats
Apr. 2 Dr. George W. Shepherd Building a New China in the West
Apr. 2 John Haynes Holmes Why War Does Not Come
Mar. 26 Dr. Francis Townsend and Dr. Raleigh W. Stone Will the Townsend Plan Promote National Recovery?
Mar. 19 John T. Flynn Drifting Towards War
Mar. 12 Vincent Sheean Europe After Munich
Mar. 8 Thomas Mann The Coming Victory of Democracy
Mar. 5 Harry A. Overstreet The Making of American Convictions
Feb. 26 Robert M. LaFollette The Most Vital Problems
Feb. 19 S. K. Ratcliffe Is There Anything Worse Than War?
Feb. 12 Horace A. Kallen and Scott Nearing Would Freedom of Enterprise Solve Our Economic Problems?
Feb. 5 Kovoor T. Behanan The Yogic Way to Emotional Stability
Jan. 29 Jan Masaryk Democracy and Minorities
Jan. 22 Jim Tully The American Underworld
Jan. 15 David Seabury Is Uncle Sam Insane?
Jan. 11 Stefan Zweig History of Tomorrow
Jan. 8 Prince and Princess Hubertus Zu Loewenstein A Royal Couple in Pursuit of Democracy
Jan. 1 Louis Fischer The Soviets in World Affairs


Dec. 18 Charles C. Batchelder and Norman Thomas Can We Have Recovery Under Capitalism?
Dec. 11 Margaret Bondfield Labor and World Peace
Dec. 7 Paul Van Zeeland The Basis for an Enduring World Peace
Dec. 4 Herbert Agar Should America Keep Out of European Affairs?
Nov. 27 Max Lerner Democracy and Propaganda
Nov. 20 Theodore Dreiser To Barcelona and Back
Nov. 13 Klaus and Erica Mann Escape to Life
Nov. 6 Stephen S. Wise Of What Does the World Rob the Jew?
Oct. 30 Robert Briffault Europe in Limbo
Oct. 23 Max Brauer The German-Christian Refugee- A Man Without a Country
Oct. 16 Pro. Harold J. Laski Prospects for European Democracy
Mar. 9 Alexandre Fesdozovitch Kerensky On Behalf of Democracy


Mar. 21 Count Raoul de Roussy de Sales vs. Helgro W. Culemann In its challenge to other political creeds, does German National Socialism endanger the security of the world?
Mar. 14 Langston Hughes Mother to Son


Nov. 29 Emil Ludwig The Present Political Situation and Prospects of War in Europe
Oct. 25 S. Miles Bouton vs. John Spivak Does the Constitution Function for the People?
Apr. 12 John T. Flynn
Apr. 5 John Haynes Holmes
Mar. 29 John Pivak
Mar. 22 Gerhart Seger
Mar. 15 Albert Edward Wiggam Who Shall Inherit America- the Strong or the Weak?
Mar. 8 Carleton Beals Mexico
Mar. 1 Harry A. Overstreet
Feb. 23 Robert M. LaFollette
Feb. 16 Prince Hubertus Zu Loewenstein
Feb. 9 Sherwood Eddy
Feb. 2 Julius Hecker
Jan. 26 Dr. Frankwood Williams
Jan. 19 Stuart Chase
Jan. 12 Anna L. Strong
Jan. 5 Lieut. Col. Stewart Roddie


Dec. 29 Oxford Group
Dec. 22 George E. Sokosky Labor’s Fight for Power
Dec. 15 Tony Sender
Dec. 1 Ignatius W. Cox, S.J. What About Sterilization?
Nov. 10 Scott Nearings and Raymond Robins Resolved, the American System of Social Control and Economic Order is Better Than the Soviet Communistic System
Nov. 3 Louis Golding Moscow or Palestine
Oct. 27 Stephen S. Wise The Tories of 1935
Oct. 20 Sir Norman Angell Why a World, Wanting Peace, Gets War
Oct. 13 Herbert Agar and Lewis Corey Can Civilization Continue Under the Capitalist System?
Apr. 21 Harold J. Laski Our Vanishing Liberties
Apr. 14 Norman Thomas The Acceptance of Violence
Apr. 7 John Haynes Holmes Hitler and the Peace of the World
Mar. 31 James Weldon Johnson The Negro’s Dilemma
Mar. 28 John Stachey America’s Place in World Affairs
Mar. 24 Sherwood Eddy Japan and Communism Battling for China
Mar. 17 Tony Sender Hitler and the German Worker
Mar. 10 Dr. Houston Peterson The Great America Boasters
Mar. 3 Scott Nearing Can Present Government Policies Save Capitalism?
Feb. 24 Louis Fischer Is Russia a World Menace?
Feb. 17 Harry A. Overstreet A Psychologist Wonders About Dictators
Feb. 12 Lord Lytton The Far Eastern Problem and World Peace
Feb. 10 Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver The Radicalism of Jews
Feb. 3 Julian Huxley Science and the World Crisis
Jan. 27 Prof. J. B. S. Haldane Is There a Chosen Race?
Jan. 20 Strachey- Sokolsky Fascism is the Inevitable Result of Capitalism
Jan. 13 John Stachey The Capitalist Dilemma
Jan. 6 George E. Sokosky Why Revolution Does Not Come


Dec. 30 Alfred Adler Active and Passive Failures
Dec. 23 Joseph R. Brodsky Communism vs. Fascism
Dec. 16 John T. Flynn If I Were President
Dec. 9 Robert M. LaFollette The Washington Scene- What Next?
Dec. 2 Uptton Close The New Deal Faces Imperialist Japan and Soviet Russia
Nov. 25 Reverend Francis J. Haas The Rights and Wrongs in Industry
Nov. 18 Raymond Robbins Is America Going Red?
Nov. 11 Stephen S. Wise No Armistice with Munition Makers
Nov. 4 Dr. Julius Deutsch Fascism Crushes Central Europe
Oct. 28 Lieut. Col. Stewart Roddie Germany- Disarmament, Revolution, Hitler
Oct. 21 Feliz Frankfurter An American’s Observations in England ad Palestine
Oct. 14 Ludwig Lowisohn The Pagan Revolt
Mar. 25 James Weldon Johnson America’s Debt to Negro Culture


Oct. 22 Anna L. Strong My Twelve Years in Soviet Russia


Jan. 15 Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver What We Have Lost Since the War


Oct. 25 Earl Bertrand Russell What This Depression Is Doing to Our Moral Standards
Apr. 5 Stuart Chase The Abuse of Capital
Jan. 18 Lorine Pruette The Decline of the Male


Nov. 9 W.E. Burghardt Should Negroes Be Encouraged to Social Equality?
Nov. 2 Julian Huxley Does Science Leave Any Room for God?
Oct. 19 Abbe Ernest Dimnet The Art of Thinking
Apr. 24 John Dewey Freedom of Expression
Mar. 2 Margaret Slattery The Fanatic and the Fool
Feb. 18 Scott Nearing, Harry Laidler, and Robert Fechner Questioning Our Working Class Prejudices
Feb. 9 Nannie H. Burroughs Annual Negro Night
Jan. 26 Reverand J. Elliot Ross You Cannot Fall in Love Instantly
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