“If you’re desperate enough, you could learn Chinese in three months.” -Min

“With The Cooked Seed, I didn’t have to research. The hardest thing was overcoming this built-in, Chinese woman’s shame.” -Min

“Will the social media leaders collectively prepare for potential trouble at Boston’s 4th of July celebrations?” -Audience question
“We haven’t ever thought about collaborating.” -Gaffin, Quinn
“Lucky for BPD, that’s the state’s jurisdiction.” -Fiandaca

“This was the world’s first-ever terrorist attack within the world of social media.” -Perham

“What do you make of #prayforboston trending during Marathon in 1 of least religious states?” -Twitter question

“I don’t see anything unusual about it in this situation.” -Quinn

“Let’s keep in mind that Reddit is not a monolith, it’s thousands of different individuals. The Boston subreddit is really good.” -Gaffin

“I was tweeting as the event unfolded…well, actually, my 17-year-old niece was tweeting for me.” -Fiandaca, BPD

“Yemen has an active women’s movement independent of Western thought. What Yemen needs right now is investment in infrastructure.” -Leila Farsakh

“Even in the U.S., the Constitution did not start out protecting minorities. Yet in the 1860s, the Ottoman Empire’s constitution *did* explicitly protect minorities.” -Elizabeth Thompson

“The U.S. can remove some obstacles to democracy from the more stable communities.” -Elizabeth Thompson