“Isn’t much of participation in the online world just mob mentality or group think?” -Audience member

“Online education gives a much better return on investment than the traditional college experience.” -Mele
“But I find that’s the difference between cold education (via computer) and warm education (in person).” -Audience member

“People today get news from so many different sources that we no longer share the experience of having read the same piece.” -Mele

“Eli Pariser [of MoveOn] talks about Google and Facebook surmising what our opinions are and simply sifting out those in our searches and news feeds that disagree.” -Mele

“What you’re seeing with companies that provide us movies and TV shows is the organizational layer of Big Fun under attack.” -Mele

“I printed my sons sandals on a 3-D printer. I might do that for them forever, and they might grow up thinking that’s how one gets sandals.” -Mele

“Payment methods like Level Up might eclipse credit card companies.” -Mele

“A parent near a public park in Arlington set up a PayPal account and gathered donations to reconstruct it. But shouldn’t the government take care of that?” -Mele

“The sharing model — Hubway, ZipCar — is quickly outpacing older institutions that rely on full purchase.” -Mele

“Your smartphone can do more than the first computer in the 1970s that filled a whole room.” -Mele