Scott Harshbarger, Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria, & more discuss casinos less than two weeks before the vote. (10/23)

When marijuana is legalized, who will profit? (10/9)

Anti-racism bloggers gather in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act on 10/2.

Ford Hall Forum is back with a fresh new slate of controversial topics!

“What would Jesus think of Catholicism today?” -Audience member
“He would wonder why women weren’t running the place.” -Carroll

“Ma, did you hear that Pope Pious XII said that you don’t have to be Catholic for salvation?” -Young Jim Carroll
“Yeah.” -His mother
“But I thought we believed that!” -Young Jim
“We DID.” -His mother

“Should the concept of priests be abolished?” -Audience member

“The Church has been at the center of beauty…Should [their art] be sold to dot-com billionaires and put in private places?” -Carroll

“The Pope put the issue of poverty on the global agenda.” -Carroll

“They said that the Vatican’s obligation extends only to Vatican City!” -Carroll