Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin clarified remarks posted on Twitter this week in response to a Supreme Court ruling in favor of a church that demonstrates at military funerals, saying she was making a point about a double standard on free speech, not that the group shouldn’t have the right to protest.

Ashley Judd (FHF 2011) has closed a deal to star in her first TV series, an ABC drama called “Missing.” She’ll play a worried mom whose son disappeared in Italy while on a summer internship.

The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that anti-gay protests at military funerals are a form of political speech protected by the First Amendment.

The film of Ayn Rand’s (FHF ’61-2, ’64, ’67-’74, ’76-8) “Atlas Shrugged” will be released on April 15. Apparently, it already has one ten-star review!