The Washington Scene – What Next? December 9, 1934

Senator Robert M. LaFollette (Wisconsin), December 9, 1934

“To bring prosperity back to this country, old-age pensions, unemployment, and accident insurance, as well as adequate care of the physically and mentally ill must be provided, and the 30,000,000 farmers must be guaranteed reasonable return for their labor.

“The only proper cure for unemployment would be jobs at decent wages.

The unemployment should be set to work rebuilding America. We should see that children are not deprived of educational and economic opportunities.

“The Federal Constitution should be amended to give the people the right to say whether this country shall participate in another war, except in case of invasion from abroad.

“Any government has a right to restore a people’s way of life and to enlarge their opportunities, without regard to the costs, and to require the people to pay the bills under a graduated income tax. Wealth will have to be taxed if inflation is to be avoided.”

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