Why Do Human Beings Act the Way They Do? December 7, 1947

Dr. Oscar W. Junek, December 7, 1947

“Women should be given a try at ruling the world for the next 1000 years. There would be fewer wars – if any – with women in control. Men have been running things rather badly for the past 10,000 years or so.

“The increased number of women in Congress is all to the good, and they should now become forceful in the Cabinet. Women are natural peacemakers. This is because they hold sacred three things; the family, the home, and peace. And they are conservative by nature.

“But a man is pugnacious. He want sto fight, I have that on good authority. Women are great social cleansers and are willing to march up on a city hall when civic conditions become currupt. While women rulers wouldn’t be ask likely to declare war, they could be tough customers in the defense of what they deemed right and just.”

Q: How can you defend your theory in view of the great number of divorces in the United States, where women have a great say in things? This proves that women fight too.

A: Not at all. It merely shows what happens to women’s disposition in the prosence of makes.

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