Apollo II: The End or the Beginning of an Age? November 30, 1969

Isaac Asimov, “Apollo II: The End or the Beginning of an Age?”

Any large city on earth is as far removed form the original state of things to which man has adapted as in the moon. Though man has a poor record in using his knowledge, I’m hopeful that through a moon colony he would take an intelligent interest in his modification. Moon colonization could give us an example of a small society functioning in a completely engineered, article environment.

Thus far, intelligence has been a great cross for humanity. It has done much damage. Our quest should be to seek a brotherhood of intelligence. The moon colonists would be better suited for this task than earthbound adventurers.

There are no more physical frontiers on earth. Man can stultify this drive for problem solving. But it would lead man to despair if he quailed before the difficult.

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