The End of an Epoch November 30, 1941

Stuart Chase, November 30, 1941

“America’s danger from the Axis is not military or economic; it’s political. Democracy will lose only if we don’t beat the Axis in providing the good life for our people. Our thoughts must turn to giving to our country, not taking away; and if we do, our hemisphere will be impregnable.

“Some intelligent economic planning can head off an economic catastrophe after the war. If we can keep prosperous making ‘howitzers’, we can stay prosperous making homes for our folks. And even people with low IQs are going ot be able to figure that out. If one forgets the manmade conventions of money and finance and concentrates on manpower, materials, energy, horsepower, and plant, there is no reason for any postwar trouble at all.

“Waste of the land is national suicide.’ We need militant conservationists who will be angered at blackened forests, slaughtered game, billboards in open country, and gullied hillsides.

“Floods must be controlled Pollution, dirt, and slums must be cleared away. We cannot longer tolerate such inguries to our country.”

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