Is Progress Real? November 18, 1928

Dr. Will J. Durant. November 18, 1928
“Today despair is the fashion, belief in nothing and hope in less, yet the leaders of current thought declare their disbelief in progress. I believe humanity is steadily moving upward. Furthermore, the best means of settling serious international disputes, without war, is by submitting them to a commission or court composed equally of representatives of the two nations in dispute, its verdict to be final.”

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2 Responses to “Is Progress Real? November 18, 1928”
  1. Sadia Sana says:

    “Progress is real” this is not completely correct, as mentioned in the book “The Lessons of History’ “one of the discouraging discoveries of our disillusioning century is that Science is neutral: it will kill for us as readily as it heal, and will destroy for us more readily than it can build.” as complete world is made of elements, an element which is also having two kind of charges a “+” and a “-“, so every thing that exists in nature or created will have two kinds of effects i.e good and bad. so, progress is not real in this manner, in order to get progress there should be real unity among people, which is not possible that too in India where people feel jealousy than happy.
    now how could be progress real ??? when every aspect is delt with two types of situations.

  2. sal says:

    progression in one field leads to retardation in another

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