Is America Facing World Leadership? November 13, 1960

Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, November 13, 1960

“Unless America faces up to true world leadership, the country may well go under. But the American people have never failed to meet a challenge.”

“The primary problem is what kind of life we are going to establish to point out to the rest of the world that what we offer is more worthwhile that what communism has to offer.”

“No country can be a real leader unless it really wants to demonstrate moral strength and a true desire to serve. I think the peoples in the uncommitted and neutralist countries know we are asleep.”

“But I have absolute faith in out nation, with its motto of one nation under God, we will meet the challenge and we will win. Unless we win the Cold War struggle wit the Soviet Union, Khrushchev’s prediction that all of out grandchildren will be communists may well come true.”

“We can watch ourselves slowly approach destruction or we can wake p, try to find new ways, new ideas. For unless we face up to the problems of world leadership, we may well go under.”

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