A Brief Introduction to the John Birch Society November 4, 1962

Robert Welch, November 4, 1962

“Those that have come to see the size and color of my horns will be disappointed. They are retractable. And since my wife forgot to get the laundry yesterday, I had to wear an ordinary white shirt instead of my regular brown one with the black armband.

Membership in the John Birch Society necessitates goodwill, good conscience, and religious morals. Communists are against religion because they say that the ends justify the means. Most religions say good ends don’t justify bad means. “

“Communists have control in mass media. People don’t lean the real truth. Time, Look and the New York Ties have swallowed lies of communists.”

“The John Birch Society feels it is better to light one candle than curse the darkness. We therefore try to circulate information and try to organize ‘fronts of Americanism’ in order to help the world ‘climb out’ of the morass of collectivism.”

“Prejudices about most groups are unjust. Only with communists can you make sweeping generalizations, because their system wipes out the ethical and moral values of the individual and makes him an unthinking member of the organization.”

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