Does Science Leave Any Room for Good? November 2, 1930

Professor Julian Huxley, November 2, 1930
“Darwinism has removed the necessity for a supernatural power in the universe by showing that living things become adapted to their surroundings independent of any conscious foresight in any quarter.
“Since psychology assumed a large place in the intellectual world, God has become a being more and more vague who, even if originally a creator, has become since a spectator to enjoy contemplating the verification of his predictions, involved in the automatic workings of natural law in the universe.
“Religion has steadily progressed throughout its existence in spirituality and morality, and science has contributed much to that progress. Churchgoing has been decreasing for 100 years, owing to the spread of scientific ideas, but a most hopeful thing is that mankind has only 1 million years behind him, while he has hundreds of millions of years before him in which to continue to progress.”

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