God and His World November 1, 1914

Mary Antin, November 1, 1914
“Evolution in no way contradicted the story of Genesis. The theory of the scientists simply explained to us in what manner God did His work. It became interesting to go back and explore the Bible; and I learned that at first there was nothing, and then there was something – the plants, the fishes, the reptiles, the mammals, and by and by, man. Why, it was the story of evolution – the poetical form – the old story after all.”
Q: Why doesn’t God perform some miracle in order to demonstrate His existence to the inhabitants of the earth?
A: I see a miracle spread under my eyes tonight – all these men and women, living apart, brought together by the same thought. What are you all doing here tonight?
Q: Do you believe in God with a future and a heaven and hell?
A: Whether or not God has future, He has a pretty long pat behind Him, and I pin my faith to the law or orthogenesis. As for heaven and hell, I think they are right here with us.”

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