Give the People a Vision October 31, 1976

Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, October 31, 1976

“People who don’t vote do vote. A nonvote for one candidate is, in fact, a vote for the other.

“Black Americans have, by law, conquered the mountain of opportunity and the next mountain to conquer is the mountain of atmosphere. The racial polarization is tighter today than it was ten years ago. Unemployment is on the rise and political corruption has not stopped- the atmosphere is not good.

“Many people cannot breathe in it [the moral decadence in America] and they give up and drop out of life. One thing that’s worse than racism is cynicism, because it is in the heart of the victim.

“It is a crime that radio and televising have replaced churches and schools as the center of social order. Those with the most information talk to the fewest people, and those with the least information talk to the most. People become the victims of song proclaiming it’s all right to make love on the first meeting and television violence, because we learn how to become good killers and baby makers but not how to be good, responsible people.

“ The United States is gripped by malaise and mediocrity of sprit. The death of ethics is the sabotage of excellence. People want maximum pay for minimum work, which is very close to students who want maximum brains for minimum study.

“ People must become self-reliant. I’m convince that nobody will save us from us or for us.”

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