My Twelve Years in Soviet Russia October 22, 1933

Dr. Anna L. Strong, October 22, 1933

“Recognition of Soviet Russia by the United States will do more to prevent war between Russia and Japan than the League of Nations could ever do. There may come a time, and it may come soon, when the Bolshevists may be called on to save civilization for the rest of the world.

“Nowhere in the world have women such equal wages and equal standards as have the women of the Soviet. Women work side by side with men in the factories, on the docks, in the subways, in the mines, in the steel mills, and in the hospitals. Men and women are equal in love and custom.”

Q: What about the starvation and want that I personally found in the Soviet Union when I visited there recently?

A: I do not believe that you have been in the Soviet Union during the past two years. There has been no need or want in the Soviet during the past few years.

Q: When I visited the Soviet Union in 1934 I found persons seeking crusts of bread; I had been unable to purchase for myself an ordinary bar of soap.

A: There was no such hunger; the Soviet is a country of industry and happiness.

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