Disasters that Threaten Our World October 12, 1980

Isaac Asimov, October 12, 1980
“I predict an enormous industrial revolution in space. I foresee interplanetary expansion and industrialization as viable ways of solving many world and natural crises.
“All worldwide organizations will strive to work towards planetary expansion. Disasters such as the effects of a possible nuclear war, diminishing oil supplies, volcanic eruptions, and other possible mishaps could, if not addressed, lead to compounded problems.
“We should be spreading ourselves throughout the universe. Interplanetary expansion could lead to possible solutions to these problems and serves as an alternative place for people to pioneer to in the even of a catastrophe.
“More money should be invested in space exploration activities. There are enormous industrial resources in space. The true catastrophe is men using their time on foolish parochial projects.
”Unity amount nations is essential if interplanetary expansion is to be considered, Nations must work together in order for expansion and building or space settlement to take place.

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