The New Right and the New Left – Their Place in Government and Politics October 4, 1981

Congressman Barney Frank vs. Cal Thomas, October 4, 1981

Thomas: “The Moral Majority’s main tenets are prolife, support of the traditional male-female relationship, anti-pornography and against legalization of drugs, and pro-American.
Today religion and religious principles are suffering from discrimination The trend in America is to secularize government and bleach the culture clean from religious influence. The Moral Majority is a pluralistic political group whose supporters are mad and not going to take it any more. However, the organization does not act as a political arm twister.”

Frank: “The Moral Majority invokes religious positions to argue for the illegitimacy of its opponents’ positions.”

Thomas: “The Moral Majority deplores the double standard toward the voice of the left vs. the voice of the right. Both sides have their nuts. We’re dealing with ours and I hope the left is dealing with theirs.”

Frank: “There are excesses by the new left that I find objectionable. The Moral Majority supports legislators who oppose abortions but also oppose child nutrition and day care. From their perspective, life begins at conception and ends at birth.”

Thomas: “The greatest danger, something worse then war, is to be silent, and the Moral Majority will never be guilty of that. We would rather be arrogant and accurate than be wishy-washy and afraid to speak out.”

Frank: “The Moral Majority’s attitude is, ‘We will decided and if you disagree you are immoral.’”

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