The Rhetoric and Reality Gap September 28, 1969

Senator George McGovern, September 28, 1969

“No conceivable value could come of continuing the war with its mounting death toll for both sides. The American people have been more than patient in giving MR. Nixon ample time to reveal his disengagement plan, but his present pace of withdrawal will take year to execute and will produce no better solution that the one tat would come now.”

“Its outrageous for Thieu to assume he has a veto on American foreign policy and that we should be committed to years and year of troop disengagement, I believe out entire nation, as well as the people of Vietnam, would rejoice if president Nixon would announce a plan tomorrow to extricate all American forces from that tragic land in the next few months.”

“This involvement is the nation’s greatest moral, political, and military disaster. Sometimes we have forgotten where America leaves off and where other nations’ interest being. Our preoccupation with planting American ideas around the glove has taken a tragic toll in this country.”

“The right of dissent in this country is one that ought not be questions, no matter how disagreeable it may be to policymakers.”

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