The Sex Revolution and the Future of the Family April 18 1976

Bruno Bettelheim, April 18 1976

“Many of the problems that middle class parents face today can be traced to the shifting socioeconomic basis of the family. A hundred and fifty years ago all that was expected of a child was that he contribute to the economic well being of the family. Today, however, a child is expected by his family and by himself to be a success in life.

“ I submit that it’s considerably easier to work in the fields or in the family shop than it is to be a success in life. I have seen so much damage done. Children blaming parents. Parents blaming children. I am not interested in blame. I am interested in remedy.

“ To be a success in life is a terrible situation to put a child in. It used to be that craftsmanship was a tremendous bond between the generations—between fathers and sons, mothers and daughters. In each case the craft was handed down. Since parents were primary teachers of the children, the children didn’t have to be told to honor and respect their parents. It flowered naturally. Honor and respect can go a long way, in the absence of love. “

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