Peaceful Coexistence between the USSR and the USA April 6, 1958

Arkady A. Sobolev, April 6, 1958

“We are confident in the final victory of the ideas of communism, but we have never imposed and we do not intend to impose the Socialist way of life, and you should not expect us to give up ours.”

Q: Have you and Comrade Kruschev abandoned your personal habits of liquidating millions of innocent people? Butcher!

A: The answer is very clear; neither Mr. Kruschey nor myself has a policy of exterminating people by the millions.

Q: Is the Soviet Union going to introduce into the United States the same kind of peaceful conexistence recently introduced in the Baltic states, East Germany, and most recently in Hungary, deporting thousands to Siberia?

A: I don’t know who this gentleman represents…

Q: I represent freedom!

A: As regards Estonia, Lativia, and Lithuania, they are members of the Soviet Union. They freely Chose their life.

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