Education for All Boston’s Children April 4, 1965

Noel A. Day, April 4, 1965

“The schools have detrimental effect of are unable to counterbalance any environmental effects. This, to me, is a clear measure of failure. Boston public schools, in effect, have destroyed the children.”

“The movements of Negroes to urban ghetos and whites to suburban areas have made the pattern of segregation in education and housing increasingly rigid and have made it easier to confirm the Negro to the ‘compound’ – and have had profound effects on the schools.”

“Every school has a hidden curriculum. Because the Negro student sees few white faces in his school and because he sense that everyone considers his school inferior, it is inferior.”

“The fact of segregated schools say to the Negro student everyday, ‘you are a failure. You should be white if you really want to make it in this society’”

“We must insist on massive changes. Segregate schools must be integrated if that will improve education. Curricula should be changed to give the student a better perspective on our society and to deal with the ever-increasing challenges of automation and other technological advances. Yet the school system must recognize that there are many culturally deprived white children too.”

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