The Long Look Ahead March 17, 1960

Henry A. Wallace, March 17, 1960

“The Chinese people are destine to take over the H-Bomb and their own economy. In addition, they will divide the world along color lines and Russia will be founded to ally herself with the West.”

“America’s supply of raw materials will being to run out, and imports will become larger and larger. Roads, hospitals, and the schools will e choked and overcrowded.”

“Cities will continue to expand at the expense of the countryside. Industrial and agricultural efficiency will continue to increase at a faster rate than the expansion of the population. ”

“Farms will become larger and will eventually come under the control of corporate executives residing in the cities. Farmers will simply be a part of a gigantic vertical integration scheme. The Chinese have the capacity to outbreed, out work, and outlast the weak, flabby, overfed peoples of the West.”

“We need general disarmament, a U.N. world police force, and a U.N. directed development fund, supported by all the ‘have’ nations, including Russia.”

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