On Behalf of Democracy March 9, 1938

Alexandre Fesdozovitche Kerensky, march 9, 1938

“Democracy, if it is to survive in the modern world, must transform its structure to suit the needs of the times and must listen to the new classes that are clamoring for power. Today it is the turn of the laboring masses to rise to political consciousness. The old democracies must be strong enough to make bold political and social reforms. Equality must be not only political but social.

“The success of totalitarian ideologies does not lie in their own strength. It lies in the weakness and distortions of our democracies. Democracy must be dynamic.

“All dictatorships use force and violence. Force as a law of life is incompatible with mankind’s normal evolution. Mussolini is nothing but a brilliant imitator, the pupil of Lenin. Lenin is father and teacher of all modern disasters. They resemble each other in one essential point – their attitude toward democracy; their hatred of civial and political rights and religious freedom. Violence is the fundamental method of all totalitarian states.

“The principle of isolation is an illusion – and a dangerous delusion. In our modern world, doctrines and ideas ignore all physical frontires. It is not enough to feel sure and invulnerable in our own democracy. It is necessary to participate in the common struggle of world democracy.”

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