The Coming Victory of Democracy March 8, 1939

Thomas Mann, March 8, 1939

“Democracy is the political expression of Christianity on earth. Democracy is the greatest conservation power on earth, but it must return, to a certain extent, to a philosophy that embraces a will to resist evil, to defend all that good in civilization. Democracy is a proof of the spirituality of Christianity and obth will survive together – Christianity and democracy.”

“National Socialism is the most radical, the most unrestricted revolution the world has ever seen, it is the revolution of unprincipled force, or spiritual nihilism, of absolute cynicism. It is the lust for degeneration of men and ideas. Morally, its force is directed toward the extermination of civilization. It is an assault of Christianity.”

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One Response to “The Coming Victory of Democracy March 8, 1939”
  1. Mel Jenkins says:

    1) I’m not sure my “subscription” request (via this e-mail) was activated.

    2) Another resource and inspiration as some of us attempt to roll-back 340 years of South Carolina socio-political-economic history.


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