The Meaning of Dreams February 17, 1929

Hereward Carrington, February 17, 1929
“Dreams are inseparable from sleep and there is no one who does not dream each night, though many forget the fact and deny on awakening that they have dreamed something and later recall a forgotten dream. Among the common dreams, mainly due to physical causes affecting the person while asleep, are dreaming of being insufficiently clad in public places, due to chilliness from insufficient bedclothes; also flying, being chased by wild beasts, falling from a great height, and excitedly packing a truck while unable to get the effects into it.
“Nightmares are caused by subconscious fears. Only by psychoanalysis can one really get at the underlying causes of dreams, the average dreamer being able to recall on awakening only a bit of the dream. Among ‘supernormal’ dreams are those willed on a sleeper by another person, by means of telepathy.”

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