How to Get on with Your Daughters February 3, 1929

J. Edgar Park, February 3, 1929
“Smoking by women is purely a health question, not one of morals. Most women do not enjoy smoking because they are naturally dainty in their tastes, but many of them have become smokers merely to prove that they are just as good as any man.
“Women with families should have jobs in business or industry to take them outside their homes a certain number or hours daily, the children to be looked after in nurseries. Mothers would then regard home as something romantic, instead of being bored as they are now by the never-ending round of daily household drudgery.
“Women are taking more than men to higher education are getting better educated than men, and many of them are going to be eminent, even in scientific lines.
“The world has radically changed since the World War, perhaps owing to the movies, rendering love making a public act, to easy telephone conversation between youth of both sexes, and to alcohol and gasoline.
“Unconventional language by small children, such as demand at the breakfast table that the ‘bloody butterplate be passed’ was considered something not to be rebuked because very likely the offender will not use the expression again if no notice is taken of it the first time.”

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