Socialism as I see It January 12, 1913

Miss Vida D. Scudder, January 12, 1913
“Struggle is the essence of life everywhere. The assertion of the right to live is a holy and a sacred thing. Life is in itself a dim desire on the part of man to be more filled with Deity – to reach a fuller measure of likeness to the Infinite, and wherever one finds a demand for life it is intrinsically holy.
“It seems to me that the man who is striving to get economic freedom for his fellows is more to be applauded than he who is simply fighting for himself and his immediate family. What I see in the Labor War movement generally is an incentive to wage earners for the growth of the feeling of love and solicitude for one another.
“The question for shorter hours is a desire for more time, and time is a spiritual thing; the one thing that is distributed on a perfectly socialistic basis.”
Q: What is the Socialist definition of the privileged class to a man who believes in following the Golden Rule?
A: I think that the privileged class of people are those living on money that they have not directly earned.

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