Special Features

FLASH FORUMS are programs that the Ford Hall Forum produces right when the news hits. Arranged as little as a week in advance, Flash Forums bring you an expert speaker on an event so timely, we can’t announce it in the brochure.

The Ford Hall Forum can only alert you to Flash Forums electronically. If you don’t already receive emails from us, email jbonardi (at) fordhallforum (dot) org today with “Flash Forums” in the subject heading to be the first to hear about the next Flash Forum.

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THE SOCIAL MEDIA VJ complements a forum with various examples, pictures, definitions, articles, and more. To enrich the discussion, the VJ (or Video Jockey) stands at the podium on stage, finds images on the internet that relate to the conversation at hand, and projects them onto a screen behind the speakers. The VJ also fields questions from audience members via Twitter. TV Head
TAKE IT FURTHER is Ford Hall Forum’s way of encouraging our audience to go beyond simply listening to a lecture. Visit a forum’s webpage after the program occurs to connect with speakers, other audience members, and community groups to organize around that forum’s topic.

Whether a forum inspires you to create a petition, start a book club, volunteer, form a MeetUp group, write letters, or something else, Ford Hall Forum provides you with the tools to facilitate action around what you’ve learned here.

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