2012 First Amendment Award Reception

JAMES DOWNEY has been a writer for Saturday Night Live, America’s seminal purveyor of current events satire,
for over 30 years.
Aykroyd as Carter

Downey’s words have derided seven U.S. presidents and countless
political candidates, to the point where we no longer know
where his perceptions end and reality begins.
Fey as Palin

To hold a mirror up to our society takes true grit. Wrapping candid political opinion in humor and putting it forth to the entire world requires an unyielding commitment to freedom of expression.
Shannon and Goodman as Lewinsky and Tripp

But most of all, telling truths in jest until those jests affect the truth takes STRATEGERY.
Ferrell as W. Bush

* * * * *
Join honored guest James Downey and forum moderator Bill Murray for
Ford Hall Forum’s 2012 Louis P. and Evelyn Smith
First Amendment Award Reception

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Offices of Prince Lobel Tye LLP
100 Cambridge Street, 22nd floor
4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

$150 for member tickets, $175 for non-member tickets
Wine & hors d’oeuvres served
Reception guests receive priority seating at the ensuing
First Amendment Award Ceremony and forum

Ticketing for the reception is now closed.

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